Cavalor Dry Feet

Spray à usage facile et très efficace pour garder la sole et la fourchette saines.

Extended information

Indication for use

En cas de sole ou de fourchette très humides : appliquez 2 fois par jour pendant 5 jours. Dose d’entretien : 2 fois par semaine.


Conditionnement : bouteille de 250 ml.


What does Cavalor Dry Feet do?
Cavalor Dry Feet dries the frog and kills the bacteria in the frog that cause thrush.
Can I use Cavalor Dry Feet on the hoof for any situation?
It is not advised to apply Cavalor Dry Feet on dry soles. When the hooves become too dry, they may become hard, brittle and susceptible to cracks. It is important to keep the horse's hooves dry, but a moisture balance of the foot should be maintained.


Ingrid Salje

Top! High praise! Finally a product that works, and without a chemical odor! Even in horses with thrush or a hoof abscess, the hoof dried within a very short time, despite bad weather and open housing. I love it!

Lisa holona

My horse spends all day in a muddy, wet paddock. That causes his hooves to be exposed to moisture for long periods of time. As a result of using Cavalor Dry Feet, his hooves have become strong and healthy. The hoof, sole and frog remain dry, and he has no thrush. I am thrilled! It is very easy to apply Cavalor Dry Feet, but because it has a loose liquid consistency, it tends to run down the hoof.

Sonja blank

I am very excited about Cavalor Dry Feet. Both of my horses had very soft hooves, and the frogs smelled badly. After just two applications, the sole was already much drier. When my Arabian mare had this problem, after using the product a few times I saw a marked improvement; her hooves stayed dry and in good condition. I am totally excited about Cavalor Dry Feet and will definitely continue to use it.

Additional Information & Education

CAVALOR® DRY FEET - Premium Line

Maintient la sole du sabot et la fourchette sèches

Indications d'utilisation

L'humidité et les saletés peuvent provoquer un ramollissement de la fourchette du sabot, cela peut faire pourrir la fourchette. Cavalor Dry Feet agit rapidement et efficacement.


Contient des substances qui désinfectent et  assèchent la fourchette du sabot.

Application et dosage

Utilisez Cavalor Dry Feet à titre préventif pour maintenir la sole du sabot et la fourchette sèches, (2 fois par semaine) ou appliquez Cavalor Dry Feet à titre curatif pour traiter la fourchette du sabot lorsqu'elle est pourrie (1 à 2 fois par jour pendant 4 à 5 jours).


Bouteille de 250 ml/ 8,5 fl. oz.