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Tom & Jerry, Pepper & Salt, Gin & Tonic.. you can hardly imagine one without the other. But have you ever heard of Cavalor's latest winning combination? Muscle Fit & Freebute! By combining these two products you give your horse the extra support, the extra boost to go that extra mile! Because we all know that one second, one centimeter or one involuntarty movement can make the difference between winning or finishing second.

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Make your star shine from within with Cavalor OilMega and Cavalor Star Shine !

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Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

Ever heard of Equine Metabolic Syndrome? Know the symptoms & signs and discover how you can treat this disease. Prevent unnecessary suffering and give your horse the nutrition it deserves. Learn all about it in this video! ‪#‎whentheresultcounts‬ ‪#‎nutritionalpartner‬

Timing of Feeding

Finding the ideal feed for a horse is not always easy, but have you already considered the time of feeding to be important as well? Two different methods of digestion take place in the horse’s digestive system. Those methods supply two different kinds of energy. In addition, it is also important to know that different nutrients are digested over a different period of time, and thus release their energy at different times. This has an impact on the energy level of your horse and can therefore be important for events. Cavalor will gladly give you some guidelines to determine the right timing so that you can use your feed and/or your supplements in an optimal way.

Equine transportation tips

"You and horse your horse may have to travel, and transportation can have an effect on your horse's body and performance. Find out how to proactively avoid potential issues following travel such as obstructive colic and shipping fever with 3 simple steps!"

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Muscle Fatigue

For ages, everyone has believed that muscle acidification is caused by the production of lactate in the muscles during intense work. Research in the last decade has shown that muscle acidification is a more complex process. Although scientists still disagree about the exact cause of muscle acidification, lactate seems to be a part of normal muscle function. Learn more about muscle fatigue and lactate by watching our 3rd educational video!

The importance of nutrition in preparation for competition with Peter Bollen!

The importance of nutrition in preparation for competition with Peter Bollen!

Gut Health

You want your horse to be happy and healthy so it can perform at its best. But, did you know it all starts with a healthy digestive system? Let's take a look at what happens inside a horse's digestive tract and how that influences your horse's health.

Stomach ulcers in horses.

Ever feel like there must be a simple answer to a seemingly complex problem with your equine partner? Ever get frustrated when your favorite animal performs poorly and you don't know why? It might have something to do with nutrition, and that's why Cavalor created these simple, educational videos. It's as easy as watch and learn to be on your way to understanding important nutritional factors which affect your horse's performance. When the result counts, you can count on Cavalor.