Cavalor Arti Matrix

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Chondroitin, glucosamine & MSM alone are not enough to resolve stubborn joint problems. Cavalor Arti Matrix fulfills the increased need for nutrients of the locomotor system in sport horses that engage in heavy efforts by improving suppleness in the joints.

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Indication for use

Per day: ponies and recreation horses: 30 g/1.06 oz (2 sachets), sporthorses: 45 g/1.58 oz (3 sachets) - min. 4 weeks.


Packaging: box of 900 g/2lb (60 sachets), pail of 2 kg/4.4 lb and pail of 5 kg/11lb


When should I use Cavalor Arti Base? When should I use Cavalor Arti Matrix?
Cavalor Arti Base and Arti Matrix can safely be given to horses with joint problems. Cavalor Arti Matrix is a concentrated formula especially designed to meet the increased nutritional needs of horses with that undergo high-intensity exercise, such as competition horses. Cavalor Arti Matrix is usually given during selected periods of time (4 weeks) . In general, Cavalor Arti Base is often provided between dose intervals of Cavalor Arti Matrix to provide the joints with a maintenance level of nutritional support.
What distinguishes Cavalor Arti Matrix from other joint supplements?
Cavalor Arti Matrix works on several levels: 1) Provides the required nutrients for joints and tendons 2) The ingredient composition is optimized for effective nutrient transport 3) Stimulates the body's immunity status to fight against auto-immune reactions As a result the horse's body will benefit from having a wide range of essential substances at it's disposal, enabling it's locomotive system to rapidly return to a more normalized state.
Can I administer Cavalor Arti Matrix for a long period of time?
Cavalor Arti Matrix can be safely administered for a prolonged period. High level competition horses use Cavalor Arti Matrix continuously without side effects. In general Cavalor Arti Matrix is given for a select period of time sometimes followed by Cavalor Arti Base to ensure a maintenance level of nutritional support for the joints.
Should I use Cavalor Arti Matrix prior to competitions?
It is recommended to administer Cavalor Arti Matrix for at least 8 weeks. Cavalor FreeBute or Cavalor FreeBute Pro may be used in combination with Cavalor Arti Matrix.
Can I use Cavalor Arti Matrix in combination with Adequan treatments?
Yes, it is safe to combine Adequan treatments with Cavalor Arti Matrix. The nutritional support in Cavalor Arti Matrix may help extend the required intervals between injections.
When will I notice the first effects of the supplementation with Cavalor Arti Matrix?
In some horses, results may show within 4-5 days. However, for best results, we recommend administering Cavalor Arti Matrix for 8 weeks as some of the ingredients need to be supplemented for a longer period of time in order to optimizee and extend their effect.
Why would I also use an oral joint supplement if I’m already injecting my horse regularly with glycosaminoglycans?
Injections have a very high concentration of active ingredients, but the effects last for a short period of time. An oral product provides a lower concentration of active ingredients going into the bloodstream for a much longer period. Oral glycosaminoglycans help reduce the frequency of joint injections and therefore reduce the risks associated with injections.


Mollie Zobel, Cavalor Champion

"When using Cavalor® Artri-Matrix I noticed a significant improvement in my horses' movement and fluidity. Finally, a joint supplement that works!" - Mollie Zobel, Cavalor Champion

Heather Gillete, Trainer, Eventing Professional

"Cavalor is a wonderful company to be associated with. Cavalor feeds and supplements are superior and keep my horses in top form. Their coats are always shiny, weight and muscle perfectly proportioned, and nutritional needs met on many levels. Their customer service is amazing as well. They are always there to answer any of my questions and concerns and take great pride in their products. My horses look and feel great! Thanks Cavalor!"

-Heather Gillete, Trainer, Eventing Professional


Additional Information & Education

Cavalor® Arti Matrix provides the appropriate nutrients to support the musculoskeletal system of sport horses when they are under additional stresses.

Cavalor® Arti Matrix offers a matrix solution for problems associated with bones, joint capsules, tendons, cartilage and synovial fluid, which mainly manifest themselves in horses with a sensitive musculoskeletal system or horses subject to heavy physical exertion. In addition to joint supporting nutrients, Cavalor® Arti Matrix also provides nutrients that support certain physiological processes to ensure that the musculoskeletal system can quickly and effectively return to its optimum condition.