Cavalor Hepato Liq

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For liver and kidney detox

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Indication for use

Cavalor Hepato Liq is recommended to detox the liver and kidneys at least once a year (during moulting or after a competition period): give 5 cc of Cavalor Hepato Liq 2 times a day for 25 days. This can be spread over the feed or administered directly into the horse’s mouth. In case of severe liver problems it is recommended to administer 10 cc of Cavalor Hepato Liq 2 times a day. Maximum 20 cc per day In case of persistent problems (with the liver or otherwise) always consult your veterinarian. With liquid supplements it is normal for some ingredients to settle and form a layer on the bottom. For this reason it is recommended to shake the bottle well before each use to ensure that a homogeneous and consistent dose is given.


Bottle of 250ml and 2L


What are some common liver issues and symptoms?
Specific symptoms pointing to liver problems arise only when a high percentage of the liver is already damaged. In earlier stages of liver damage there may be non-specific signs such as: low appetite, weight loss, poor coat condition, diarrhea, stomach pain, restlessness or tiredness. Jaundice and photosensitivity of non-pigmented skin may also be related to liver disease. Horse owners should contact a veterinarian when a liver problem is suspected.
Can I supplement with Cavalor Hepato Liq if my horse is currently taking other supplements?
Yes, you can.
Do I need to decrease the amount of supplements in my horse’s diet after a competition season or during a break?
It is recommended to decrease supplementation during periods of rest. It is also recommend to feed less if there is no activity. It is important to feed as needed! During resting periods, we strongly recommend cleansing with Cavalor Hepato Liq as it will allow the horse to better absorb nutrients. Less training means less feeding. It is definitely important to feed as you need and take activity into account. Horses may require more energy and vitamins during the winter due to cold weather and shortage of daylight.


Cathy Schaefer

My Trakehner gelding came home from training with a pretty bad cough and nasal infection. Vet recommended a double dose of Uniprim for seven days, which I did, but it still did not knock the cough.
Tried Cavalor® Hepato Liq next and Cavalor® Bronchix Pure which really did work on the cough. His cough is gone and his eyes are clear and bright. He feels so much better! I'm really impressed with the products so far.
I will try one of the Cavalor muscle supplements once we are done with the Cavalor® Bronchix Pure.

Cathy Schaefer
Customer in California, United States



Jordan Fedrizzi, Barn Manager for Jason Berry Stables/Laurel Hill Farm.

We did the Cavalor Hepato Liq cleanse and we notice a huge difference. We have an older horse who stocks up terribly and I've never seen his legs look so good. The feed has been great as well. We've noticed a more consistent energy level in all of our horses.

Heather Gillete, Trainer, Eventing Professional

"Cavalor is a wonderful company to be associated with. Cavalor feeds and supplements are superior and keep my horses in top form. Their coats are always shiny, weight and muscle perfectly proportioned, and nutritional needs met on many levels. Their customer service is amazing as well. They are always there to answer any of my questions and concerns and take great pride in their products. My horses look and feel great! Thanks Cavalor!"

-Heather Gillete, Trainer, Eventing Professional


Letter from Mr Takanari Kusunoki, Japan

Thank you Cavalor for your feeding advice! I followed your advice strictly in preparation for the Asian Games. Daily my horse, Fairbanks Cargo gets Cavalor Strucomix Original with Cavalor Endurix. First he got a treatment with Cavalor Hepato Liq to remove the fatigue and to cleanse his liver and after, depending on the condition we adjusted his muscle strength with Cavalor Muscle Force. Two weeks before the departure to the Games I started the cure with Cavalor Resist and on the way from Japan to Korea I used Cavalor Emergency 911. Fairbanks Cargo arrived in perfect shape and did not suffer from the travel. In training days I supported my horse with Cavalor FreeBute and Cavalor Muscle Fit. During competition days I added Cavalor Kick Up, to give that extra energy push. The care products my groom used are Cavalor Muscooler and Cavalor Ice Clay. The Cavalor products really worked as expected and we had a fantastic competition. I ended winning Silver in the team and placed 9th in the individual competition and I was very happy !

For the reference, Mr Kusunoki visited Japanese Cavalor distributor from far away to say "Thank you" and he hang a silver medal on the distributor's neck!!



Cavalor WholeGain


So people who know me, know that I am my own worst customer when it comes to trying new things, I certainly don't want someone else telling me anything about my horses or what I could do better. When I first started feeding Cavalor 5 or so years ago I brought horses in every morning expecting my miracle and wondering why it was taking so long to see change, well that theory is like watching grass grown, better to trust that it's growing and check on weekly, not daily! This has come in handy for me when I meet opposition in regards to Cavalor in the horse world.

Cavalor Whole Gain... So why do i need a fat supplement when I am already feeding Cavalor, my horses get Hepato liq twice a year, Muscle Force twice a year, they are wormed properly and I don't want to add one more thing to my feed room.  With much hesitation I try it on two horses, one is a 17.2 hand TB that I am trying to make the next love of my life and another is polo TB mare that we think we can sell for 100K but she is a tough keeper, even with all of my Cavalor tricks. Two weeks later I am still feeding 1 Cavalor scoop/day of Whole Gain, kind of grumbling at it because I am not seeing the results I had hoped. Being the die hard Cavalor customer that I am, I bought a few more bags and kept going.  Well, day 16 I brought the horses in and holy cow, did their necks look amazing, full and muscular. They looked pretty good before and now their withers are bulky, and I thought....there it is, that's why we need Cavalor WholeGain. I am currently feeding 24 TB's and one mini and 5 of them are getting Cavalor WholeGain, I almost think it works better then Cavalor Muscle Force in TB's. I am still waiting to see their butt's fill out a bit more but TB's are tricky and slow to make bodily changes in terms of weight gain, they lose weight in about 10 seconds.


My point here is that as usual, Cavalor has come out with a superior product and because Cavalor is high end, people expect immediate results and miracles, this test just reminded me that it doesn't matter how much a product costs or how much resistance is met, when people have patience and trust in a company it usually works out for their benefit.

Libby Cifuni - KY, USA


Additional Information & Education

Cavalor Hepato Liq supports liver function after heavy stressing of the liver, for example during competition season. Or during periods where the liver is under extra demand, for example when the horse is moulting.The liver plays an important role in a horse's metabolism. It is in fact a chemical factory responsible for several important functions, the most important of which is detoxification. In addition, the liver plays a role in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. On top of this there is also the production and excretion of bile (horses do not have a gallbladder), the storage of glucose, trace elements and vitamins, etc. Kidneys, together with the liver, ensure the efficient elimination of waste products. To maintain optimal functioning, after a season in which the liver and kidneys have worked hard it is recommended to purify them with Cavalor Hepato Liq.