Cavalor Recup Gel

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Relaxes tendons & muscles

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Indication for use

Cavalor® Recup Gel can be used to treat muscles and tendons in the legs, but also in the back. Massage the skin with a thin layer of Cavalor® Recup Gel after training. Bandages can be safely used in combination with Cavalor® Recup Gel. Cavalor® Recup Gel doesn’t just apply to your horse - the rider’s muscles and tendons deserve just as much attention after training. Massage the affected area with a thin layer of Cavalor® Recup Gel after workout to prevent muscle stiffness the next day.


200 ml / 6,76 fl. oz. Tube 2 L / 67,6 fl. oz. Refill bag 2 L / 67,6 fl.oz. jar + pump


Is Cavalor Recup Gel only used for cooling down muscles?
No, besides cooling down muscles, Cavalor Recup Gel can also help cool tendons and ligaments. It is also great for the legs and back. Excellent for traveling long distances.
Will Cavalor Recup Gel tighten a tendon?
Yes, it helps cool down the tendons which can reduce inflamation.
Can I use Cavalor Recup Gel to massage my horse?
Cavalor Muscooler is great for massaging your horse, especially its back.
Can I combine Cavalor Ice Clay with Cavalor Recup Gel?
Doing so would not harm the horse but may not be particularly useful. As Cavalor Ice Clay and Cavalor Recup Gel are both designed to cool and relax the horse's legs, we recommend selecting the product most suited to your horse's particular need.


Nancy-Sue Ryan

"At Show Stop Farm, we use Cavalor products faithfully. I apply Cavalor Muscooler to the horses' legs when shipping and after a hard day of showing."

- Nancy-Sue Ryan - Show Stop Farm, Nocona, Texas
Nancy-Sue is one of AQHA leading breeders and
exhibitorsof English performance horses and
AQHA Congress Judge.



Suzanne Konefal, Eventer

"I retrain ex-racehorses and I usually see them crash and nothing is better for them than Cavalor and something that helps heal them from the inside out." Suzanne Konefal, Eventer

Letter from Mr Takanari Kusunoki, Japan

Thank you Cavalor for your feeding advice! I followed your advice strictly in preparation for the Asian Games. Daily my horse, Fairbanks Cargo gets Cavalor Strucomix Original with Cavalor Endurix. First he got a treatment with Cavalor Hepato Liq to remove the fatigue and to cleanse his liver and after, depending on the condition we adjusted his muscle strength with Cavalor Muscle Force. Two weeks before the departure to the Games I started the cure with Cavalor Resist and on the way from Japan to Korea I used Cavalor Emergency 911. Fairbanks Cargo arrived in perfect shape and did not suffer from the travel. In training days I supported my horse with Cavalor FreeBute and Cavalor Muscle Fit. During competition days I added Cavalor Kick Up, to give that extra energy push. The care products my groom used are Cavalor Muscooler and Cavalor Ice Clay. The Cavalor products really worked as expected and we had a fantastic competition. I ended winning Silver in the team and placed 9th in the individual competition and I was very happy !

For the reference, Mr Kusunoki visited Japanese Cavalor distributor from far away to say "Thank you" and he hang a silver medal on the distributor's neck!!



Additional Information & Education

Cavalor ® Recup Gel is a cooling gel enhancing tendon and muscle recovery. The active ingredients in the product support the cooling down and recovery process of both your horse and yourself by preventing muscle aches and stiffness.

Cavalor® Recup Gel was formulated to optimally support the recovery phase with its combination of several essential oils, each with their own specific purpose.

The combined effect of these essential oils creates a synergetic cooling effect, relaxing the muscles and fighting pain. An optimal cooldown combined with the use of Cavalor® Recup Gel expedite recovery and prevent injuries, so that horse can go back to performing at a top level faster than ever.

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