Cavalor Pianissimo

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Specially designed for hot horses and horses prone to stress

Extended information

Indication for use

Always give Pianissimo in addition to sufficient (at least 5 kg) hay. Daily amount per animal: As maintenance feed: 0.7 kg per 100 kg live body weight, as complete feed for active sport horses in intensive training and/or competition 1.3 kg per 100 kg live body weight, as complete feed for active sport horses in light or moderate training 0.8 to 1.0 kg per 100 kg live body weight, as additional feed for active sport horses in light or moderate training, in addition to raw stock (grass or silage) 0.4 to 0.7 kg per 100 kg live body weight, as complete feed for horses at rest, in reduced training or recovery 0.5 to 0.7 kg per 100 kg live body weight, as additional feed for horses at rest in reduced training or recovery, in addition to raw stock (grass or silage) 0.3 to 0.6 kg per 100 kg live body weight


20 kg bag and 500 kg XL-Box


Can I combine Cavalor calming supplements with Cavalor Pianissimo feed?
Cavalor Pianissimo is a complete feed specially formulated for easily excitable horses. This feed can be given on a daily basis. If the effect does not suit your horse's needs try usin a Cavalor calming supplement. F.ex. Cavalor Calm, Cavalor Take It Easy or Cavalor SoZen depending on the type of stress observed.
Can I combine Cavalor Pianissimo and Cavalor Endurix?
Cavalor Endurix will provide your horse with long lasting energy and Cavalor Pianissimo will calm your horse down without obstructing his focus. For example, this ration mix is ideal for Eventing horses that need energy for cross country and more focus for Dressage.
What should I feed my horse to promote a calmer temperament?
The first thing to do is to cut back on the oats and the wheat. Protein levels too must be re-evaluated. Other than that, feed the horse hay freely with extra crude fiber, as well as softened beet pulp and flax chaff. Some herbs will also produce good results. A range of supplements can also be considered. For example, extra vitamin B1 has a relaxing effect in high doses. Magnesium acetate reduces stress, and tryptophan - an amino acid - also has a stress-inhibiting effect in certain concentrations. These products and specific compositions are all available as part of the Pianissimo feed and the Cavalor Calm feed supplement.
What type of feed is Pianissimo?
Pianissimo is the proper feed for horses that require a feed concentrate that is low in protein. Pianissimo has a very low 7.5 % protein content and supplies sufficient energy to power a sport horse, ensuring that protein-sensitive horses do not get swollen legs or stiff muscles. This makes it possible to engage in normal activities with these animals. Nor will these horses be prone to profuse sweating. White sweat is an indication of too much protein in the ration. The best way to address this is to feed the animal a combination of feed concentrate and stalky hay – not silage grass, which usually has a much higher protein content.
Will feeding Pianissimo make my horse too weak?
Pianissimo contains an anti-stress product (Cavalor Calm). This relieves tension and stress, which makes for a more settled ride on the horse or a better-behaved driving horse. The horse will not look sluggish or drowsy and will exert the effort to do as asked. A more settled attitude will enable the horse to perform to a better standard, as the energy is dosed to promote that effect.


Raf Kooremans about Cavalor Pianissimo

"The last few weeks I have trained hard with Push Play. It starts clearly paying off. In jumping, he was often very anxious and panicking. Therefore we feed him Cavalor Pianissimo. It is developed to make nervous and frightened horses calmer. I definitely see a difference. Push Play jumps the same in competition, as at home, which is great! "

Clare Pinney

"We have seen a huge difference the four thoroughbreds we have on Cavalor® Pianissimo. They are a lot calmer and a lot more focused. We have a young girl who's thoroughbred show horse is performing much better in dressage and is a lot more focused." Trainer/Competitor/Riding Instructor, Clare Pinney

Emily Hansen-Palmus , Advanced CCI*** Eventer, USDF Bronze Medalist.

"Cavalor® Perfomix and Cavalor® Pianisamo feeds are great especially for the sport horses. It keeps them muscled without the behavioral issues. They don't get slogged down and slow like they do on other pelleted sport horse "calming" feeds. Emily Hansen-Palmus Bridging Hope Farm Head Trainer. Advanced CCI*** Eventer, USDF Bronze Medalist.

J.J. Tate, Cavalor Champion - Perfomix

"I love Cavalor® Perfomix and Cavalor® Pianissimo grains as well. For any of my
horses that tend to be super high strung, Cavalor® Pianissimo really gives
them the content they need, but never the extra energy they don't. They are getting substance in their diet, without having to feed a lot of grain. There's no unnecessary fillers or sugar that may make them hot. I also feel like my excitable horses can concentrate and focus better on Cavalor® Pianissimo than when they are on
other grains. I highly recommend these grains for any sport. " - J.J. Tate, Cavalor Champion

April Austin, Ph.D., USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist.

"I purchased my current horse in March, a five-year-old gelding Hanoverian. I searched for a low sugar and low starch feed that would still provide the building blocks for muscle development and was unsatisfied with all options until I tried Cavalor® Pianissimo. Since switching to Cavalor® Pianissimo, my horses is always turned out! Cavalor feed truly complements nature's forage. This horse recently took high point at his first show and I could not be happier with his bright appearance, stamina and focus." April Austin, Ph.D., USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist.



Lacey Messick

Rosey eats Cavalor Pianissimo and it not only helps keep her focused during show season but I never have to worry about her not eating while traveling. And with an opinionated and sassy mare it is worth it's weight in gold for that reason alone.
With as much as we travel during the season and as hard as I ask Rosey to work at an event the last thing I want to worry about is her grain. With Cavalor I don't.

Lacey Messick
Springfield, MO
USEA Blue Ribbon Award at Training Level
Qualified for 2013 American Eventing Champions at Training Level


Therese Evans

After importing a horse recently, he had an unexpected immune response to vaccinations. I was instructed by my veterinarian to get him on a lower protein diet where the grain had less processing and was "more like what they are used to naturally." Enter Cavalor. I contacted a dealer who put me in touch with a regional rep and she not only suggested Pianissimo, but also contacted founder Peter Bollen, who discussed the horse's situation with veterinarians at the University of Ghent and made further recommendations. All I can say, is WOW what an amazing company! We recently started slowly converting this horse's diet to the feed program recommended, and I can't wait to see the results. Thank you so very much for helping this incredible horse, and assisting us in connecting the last piece of the puzzle towards his successful future!

Therese Evans
Dressage and Event Coach at White North Stable and Evans Eventing


Dressage Champion Nancy Later

"Cavalor Feed is a dream come true! I lived in Europe with my horses and my horses looked and felt so fantastic on the natural feed available there. On the East Coast I have been struggling to find a healthy grain mix without all the processed additives. All my horses enjoy Cavalor's tastey feed, it gives them long lasting strength to work but does not provide focus problems and energy spurts. I feel good feeding my horses something that is healthy and nutritious and made for horses complicated digestive system. From my 3 year old to my 21 year old grand prix horse Cavalor Feeds have all of my horses looking shiny, strong and feeling great!"

Sabrina Frye, Cavalor Champion

I have attached pics of my 13 year old APHA mare Bergen Bar Bunny aka Tiara before and after Cavalor Feed. If anyone ever doubts the impact Cavalor feed will have on your performance horse just take a look at the pics of my mare. Her before pic was taken during prime rodeo season so she was very fit. The after pic was just 30 days after starting Cavalor feed and as you can see she has more weight and muscle mass than she had even in the height of competition season. I had not changed anything in her routine other than the feed. I was able to discontinue feeding all supplements also. She has more muscle mass than she has ever had in the 10 years I have owned her. She is calm and ready to work every day.

Thank you,
Sabrina Frye



Martha Bennett, DVM

"I grew up on a farm with an equine veterinarian as a father and cannot remember a time when I did not own horses. I went to college at Auburn University where I earned a BS in Animal Science and my DVM and I have been practicing veterinary medicine for 12 years. When I started playing polo six years ago I fed my horses Purina Strategy. I trusted the company and I was very familiar with their research in animal nutrition. Because I frequently advise my clients not to make changes in an animal's nutrition unless there is a good reason to do so I was very reluctant to make a change myself. A Cavalor representative started talking to me about Cavalor over a year ago but I really was not interested in switching feed as my ponies were doing great. I continued talking to Libby and did some research on my own and began really thinking about my program. I had several older horses, two that were difficult to keep weight on, and another that was frequently choking on her pellets if they weren't fed to her very slowly. Maybe "great" wasn't the right word.

I switched all of my horses to Cavalor three months ago and have been absolutely thrilled. I'm no longer feeding supplements. My thin ones have picked up weight in spite of it being winter. And I have not had a single choking incident. I'm also very happy with how much the horses like it, even the ones that were never good eaters are excited at feeding time.

Thank you Cavalor for your contributions to equine nutrition and thank you to my Cavalor representative, Libby Cifuni for convincing me to make the change."

Martha Bennett, DVM
Senior Clinician - Emergency Service
Emergency Veterinarian Manager
Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners - Brentwood, TN


Bob and Katherine Thornton

We have a mare that has difficulty focusing and needs a fair amount of grain and forage to stay in good weight. A professional rider we respect recommended feeding Cavalor® Pianissimo and we have had wonderful success. Cavalor has given us the horse we always knew was "in there"! We also use Cavalor® Performix and Cavalor® Strucomix Senior as a top dress for our other eventers. The horses love Cavalor feeds and they thrive on them.

Bob and Katherine Thornton


Dr. April Austin, PHD English Professor at UMKC.

"I have a 6-year-old Hanoverian gelding that just won 1st level test two and was second in first level test three with scores above 68%. My horse is on eight acres of grass and I wanted a low starch feed that would still support his growth and attitude. Cavalor® Pianissimo fits perfectly as a wholefood feed and keeps my young horse focused and building muscle." - Dr. April Austin, PHD English Professor at UMKC.

Lauren Billys, Puerto Rican Event Team Rider

"Before I started using Cavalor my horses were on a very popular feed here in the U.S. and I was frustrated with the lack of variety for sport horses. I have two very different mares that were basically being fed the same thing. When I made the switch, I put my very quiet mare, Ginger, on Cavalor® Endurix and have since moved up to the advanced level in eventing. Now I actually feel her finishing a competition strong and with energy, which was something I had never felt before. For my young horse that's a bit of a wild child, she needed something to fill out her body while taking away that edge. I put her on Cavalor® Pianissimo and it's been a total transformation. I now have to ride her with spurs and she's the quietest horse in the barn." Lauren Billys, Puerto Rican Event Team Rider

Diana Renihan, Professional Hunter/Jumper and Hunt Seat Equitation rider.

"It [Cavalor] was recommended to me because I had two jumpers that were almost unmanageable they were so hot. After three weeks on the Cavalor® Pianissimo I could see a huge change in their attitudes. I'm not taking my horses off of Cavalor because their attitudes are so easy to manage now." - Diana Renihan, Professional Hunter/Jumper and Hunt Seat Equitation rider.

Heather Mehal, Trainer at Big Dog Stables in Granville, OH

"My 25-year-old mare started chocking and I spoke with my local Cavalor rep because she's also a really picky eater. My rep suggested I try Cavalor for Trilly and my other horse, Handsome, who's energy was never where I wanted it to be. Trilly loves the feed and nickers for her food. Her coat also looks great. Handsome is starting to put on muscle and gain a topline without getting hot. The horses love it and their energy is where it needs to be."

Heather Mehal, Trainer at Big Dog Stables in Granville, OH.


Additional Information & Education


Pianissimo is formulated to be a lower energy feed, with lower protein and no oats, which supports focus in hot horses. The mineral and amino acid additives provide a focused, well-centered horse.


Protein fed in excess of daily requirements cannot be stored in the horse's body. Horses convert protein into muscle mass by eating adequate protein and exercising. If protein synthesis occurs at the maximum rate, the un­used amino acids are broken down and excreted.


Not only do we use a balanced blend of high quality vi­tamins and minerals, but we are always careful to use the most stable versions. While the vitamins we use are always in the most stable form, the minerals we use are always in the most absorbable form.


Oats have long been recognized as a source of energy for the horse in work, but for the horse prone to being hot or stressed, a high energy grain with oats can increase his energy and stress levels. An oat free grain can lower his energy level.