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  • Elektrolytes

    Elektrolyte: ein Hype oder eine echte Notwendigkeit?

    Cavalor Elektrolyte

    Jetzt, wo der Sommer vor der Tür steht und das Wetter wärmer wird, sollten wir uns noch einmal mit dem Thema „Elektrolyte“ befassen. Einige Pferdehalter verabreichen täglich Elektrolyte, andere nur bei einer Hitzewelle oder einem anstrengenden Wettkampf. Wann benötigt das Pferd diese Elektrolyte nun eigentlich und warum?

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor Take It Easy
    Another success story from Carol Wilson and Ted Alexander

    "Ted and I would like to thank Peter Bollen (founder of Cavalor) for sharing Cavalor with us. He opened our eyes in many ways.  But most important, he showed us how we can help our horses perform to their best ability.  We had great success feeding our race horses the Cavalor products. They started out on the feed and then we supplemented them as suggested. We gave Endurix with Super Force, An Energy Boost, Take It Easy and Free Bute Pro. Two wins! The best of all is that they were long shots!  We're not picked to finish anywhere on the tote, both to be last in fact. Our horses blew out of the gates and didn't weaken at all!  A Rare Corona improved his time by 4 tenths and ran his fastest Speed Index of 93. Ivolene just couldn't get there previously but he outran some very tough horses.  As I said he was picked to run dead last!  We are so excited, thankful, blessed, amazed! Need I say more?

    Thanks a lot Peter, we hope to meet up with you again. Love meeting great people!"


    We are so happy to hear that Carol Wilson and Ted Alexander's horses are having such a good results with Endurix, Super Force, An Energy Boost, Take It Easy and Free Bute Pro. We wish them the very best for the future!


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  • In the picture

    New product alert: Take It Easy Forte

    Cavalor is always looking at how to make each product better and more efficient all the time. For every kind of product, Cavalor always looks to improve itself. That's what champions do, champions always look for how to improve themselves and to set themselves apart. And so, with Cavalor, that is the original starting point for any new product.

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