Can we introduce you ... Katja Gevers & Tristan Tucker

veröffentlicht: 2018-05-18

Katja Gevers

Katja started riding at a very young age at a ridin g school together with her mum, it was here that Katja's passion for horses and riding started.

Katja Started her education at the Equine school in Deurne the Netherlands. During Katja's first year at Deurne she did her first internship at Edward Gal and Nicole Werner's stable, following up the next year working a the stable of Nico Witte where she had the opportunity to work with stallions such as Von Tango and Winton.

Katja gained a lot of experience from her studies and her internships which lead her to begin her own training stable in thebegin ning of 2008 in Nuland, where she is training horses from the beginning to Grand Prix.

Katja had her international Grand Prix debut in 2011 on her beloved Gribaldi x Amor gelding'Thriller'. Thriller was bought as a 3 year old by the family Gevers. Thriller was not the easiest of characters and took some difficult paths along the way but to her credit Katja trained Thriller herself up to international Grand Prix level.
Katja and Thriller are currently on the A Squad for the Netherlands and consistently growing together at international Level.

Katja has also a string of top quality young horses provided to her by her very supportive and loyal owners and sponsors, together with the families very own successful breeding program, with there stand out trade make being the ride ability of all there young stock.

Tristan Tucker

Tristan was born in Cornwall England, and soon after emigrated to Australia with his parents in the pursuit of a better lifestyle and greater opportunities. He grew up with horses from the influence of his mother and grandfather. He was always by his mum's side at the racing stables where she worked. He came up through the pony club as a novelty, jumping and eventing rider, and moved on to track work with racehorses and driving trotting horses in the sulky.
He first travelled to Europe in the end of 1999 where he met his long time trainer Morten Thomsen, who inspired him further in his way of thinking and approach to teaching horses. Morten had introduced him to both the classical ways of training and riding but also to the mysterious way of the circus trainers.

On his return home he finished his University education with an Arts degree and then began his own business training horses. He wanted to learn from whoever he could that could do something good with horses. While working with horsemanship gurus from the Australian horse culture, he started to realize the importance of horsemanship and really understanding a horse.

At his own stable near Melbourne Australia, he was starting up to 100 horses a year from all different breeds and disciplines. It was a time period to which he credits alot of his knowledge from. As much of a cliché it may be, the horses were his biggest mentors.
In 2009, he moved back to Europe to work for Morten Thomsen in search of further inspiration and to put more focus on his goal as a dressage rider. In the meantime, the demand for training horses, teaching and giving clinics across Europe and the USA grew quickly.
In 2011 he began to travel to the Netherlands for training on his Grand Prix horse, at that time, Gronskovlunds Marquis. In 2012, he moved permanently to the the Netherlands to be more central in Europe. He now owns his own stable in Langenboom (Noord-Brabant) in the Netherlands.

At his stable, he trains horses from the beginning to Grand Prix, teaches students who are competing at national and international level and give clinics and demonstrations all over the world including major international championships, ie; FEI World Cup Finals. He also runs an online Training Program with over 3000 members that located in 48 countries. The training program covers all levels of horsemanship and dressage training including the highest level with the focus on building a bridge between horsemanship and sport ( )