Cavalor Nutri Plus

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Kornmix mit maximalem Anteil an Mineralstoffen und Vitaminen als Komplettergänzung für Sportpferde, die hohe Leistungen erbringen.

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Pro Tag: Ponys und Freizeitpferde: 120 g, Sportpferde: 240 g.


Verpackung: 5-kg-Eimer und 25-kg-Sack.


Can I use Cavalor Nutri Plus with non-Cavalor feed?
Cavalor Nutri Plus is specially developed to balance the undesired mineral ratios in cereal-based feed or rations with a high amount of cereal byproducts. We recommend using Cavalor Powred Performance when you would like to supplement a mineral/vitamin supplement on top of your complete feed.
Kann ich während Wettbewerben Cavalor An Energy Boost anstelle von Vitaminzusätzen verwenden?
Cavalor An Energy Boost wurde entwickelt, um dem Pferd einen sofortigen Nährstoffkick (Energie) zu bieten, bevor dieses die Wettkampfarena betritt. Wenn Ihr Pferd während mehrtägiger Veranstaltungen auf hohem Niveau zusätzliche Vitamine und Mineralstoffe benötigt, ist Cavalor Pow’red Performance möglicherweise effektiver.
Is there a risk of overdosing on certain ingredients included in supplements?
In some cases, yes. This will depend on the list of ingredients. Supplements rich in fat soluble vitamins such as, vitamins E, D3, A and K should to be administered as “directed on the label as overdosing can generate negative side effects. There is no risk of overdose when using supplements rich in water soluble vitamins such as B-vitamins. Cavalor supplements high in fat soluble vitamins: Cavalor NutriPlus, Cavalor Support and Cavalor ProGrow.
Should I continue feeding Juniorix to my 2-and-a-half-year-old trotter/racer that is just being started in training?
Young racers that are just starting to be trained are best switched to Perfomix, along with a supplement for active sport horses, such as Cavalor Nutri Plus.


Heather Gillete, Trainerin, Vielseitigkeitsprofi
„Cavalor ist ein ganz wunderbarer Partner. Die Futter- und Ergänzungsmittel sind von hervorragender Qualität und meine Pferde in Topform. Ihr Fell ist immer glänzend, Muskeln und Gewicht sind perfekt proportioniert und ihr Ernährungsbedarf wird fast vollständig gedeckt. Auch der Kundenservice ist ganz ausgezeichnet. Die Mitarbeiter stehen mir immer mit gutem Rat zur Seite und sie sind stolz auf ihre Produkte. Meine Pferde sehen großartig aus und fühlen sich auch so. Danke Cavalor!“

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Supplement containing minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, fatty acids and amino acids

Indication for use
Horses in training and equine athletes in top levels of competition have a corresponding need for a wide range of easily absorbed nutrients. In cooperation with trainers and riders, Cavalor has developed an enriched supplement to the normal feed ration which fulfills the daily needs of active performance horses: Cavalor Nutri Plus. It is especially designed for those rations that include a lot of cereals or traditional rations (oats, hay). This product is given to horses that are required to deliver top performance or are in training for this, but also to horses recuperating after a long period of inactivity or illness.

Composition and safety of the products
This formulation contains specific high-grade vitamins, electrolytes, fatty acids, minerals and trace elements. Special attention has been paid to an excellent intake, as a result of which the activity of the nutrients is exceptionally high. Not surprisingly, in practice the effect (condition and performance) of Cavalor Nutri Plus is quickly noticeable. The high efficacy of Cavalor Nutri Plus is not only determined by the substances used in the formulation (more than 50 different ingredients) but also by the quantity and high quality of each individual nutrient. The carefully researched and precisely matched ratios of the various ingredients give Cavalor Nutri Plus optimal activity. The yield of the feed also improves. As horses on Cavalor Nutri Plus receive nutritional elements necessary for active performance horses, their natural resistance will increase, including resistance to stress.
Cavalor Nutri Plus® contains vitamins A, D3, K3, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12; folic acid, choline, biotin, lysine, methionine; trace elements: copper, iron, iodine, cobalt, manganese, zinc, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium.

Dosage per animal per day:
Give as a supplement to the normal feed.
 Foals and ponies: 50-100 grams/ 1.75-3.5 oz
 Growing horses: 100-150 grams/ 3.5- 5.25 oz
 Adult horses (at rest/light work): 120 grams/ 3.5 oz
 Adult horses (in training/competition): 150-200 grams/ 5.25-7,0 oz
 Mares in foal and lactating mares: 150-200 grams/ 5.25-7.0 oz
 Stud stock: 150- 200 grams/ 5.25-7.0 oz
 Maximum dose: 400 grams/ 14 oz per animal per day

- Tub containing 5 kg/ 11 lb pellets
 - Bag containing 25 kg/55,1 lb pellets