Cavalor Start & Go Soft

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What age should I start my foal on Start & Go, and how long should I continue after weaning?
Start & Go can be fed as early as of 6 weeks of age. The easiest way is to start the foal on a small amount of Start & Go mixed with Probreed, allowing the foal to eat by its mother's side. After that, simply feed it in a separate crib where the mare cannot reach it with her mouth. Combined with Probreed, Start & Go can be fed up to 2 months past weaning. After that, simply continue on full rations of Probreed.
What is the best way to feed Start & Go?
Start & Go is best mixed with Probreed, which allows the foal to get used to the taste and the hardness of the pellets. As soon as the foal can properly chew and absorb the pellets, switch to feeding only Start & Go poured into a small crib so the foal can feed at will. Make sure, however, that the crib never contains any old or leftover feed, which could acidify.

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