Privilege Arabian

From now on Cavalor Ambassadors will be easily recognizable, thanks to this unique logo developed especially for them. The new ambassador logo symbolizes our mutual engagement.

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Arabic Show Horses

We love Arabian Horses and have been working with them since we were pimply teenagers. Over the years and continents we have soaked up all the knowledge, techniques and connections but we are as excited about the horses as on the first day. We joined forces to create the optimal set up to do what we do - help other aficionados live their dream...

Wether you run a boutique breeding project with one cherished mare or a state stud, we have the experience and tools to manifest your visions. We find hidden treasures for the insatiable ecclectic and analyze your established breeding program for dormant potential . Together with our team we put into action an individual plan of care, training and promotion for each of our proteges to insure your horse leads a long, happy and successful life.

From one horse enthousiast to the other, we are looking forward to receiving you at Privilege Farm and combine our passion to shape the future of the Arabian horse.

Raphael Curti and Philip Looyens (Founders)