Cavalor Vitaflor 365

Cavalor Vitaflor 365 optimise la flore intestinale et assure une absorption maximale de l’alimentation. L’apport journalier de Cavalor Vitaflor 365 prévient l’acidité du colon chez les chevaux qui reçoivent beaucoup de concentrés et contribue au rétablissement de la flore intestinale (par exemple après l’utilisation d’antibiotiques).

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Indication for use

Quotidiennement : cheval de sport : 30 g ; cheval de loisir – poney : 20 g ; jument pleine ou en lactation : 40 g ; poulains : 15 g.


Conditionnement : seau de 2 kg.


Will Cavalor Vitaflor 365 help my horse put on weight?
Yes, it will help the efficiency of the horse's digestion. This means that the horse can render more energy made available especially from fiber-rich feedstuffs. When you do not have access to good-quality roughage, Cavalor Vitaflor will be especially effective. Because the energy utilization (and also the utilization of some other nutrients) is improved, it helps the horse gain weight. Some of our customers who use our products say: "We see our horses grow."
When should I supplement with Cavalor Vitaflor 365?
Optimal functioning of the micro flora in the large intestine is essential for the overall health of the horse. Cavalor Vitaflor 365 will help improve feed utilization (especially with fiber-rich rations) and gastro intestinal health which will aid in the overall immunity of the horse.
Does Cavalor Vitaflor 365 contains prebiotics or probiotics?
Cavalor Vitaflor 365 contains prebiotics and yeasts. Live yeast cultures support the digestive system and decrease the risk of colic. Yeasts improve the digestion of crude fiber, the absorption of minerals and the production and absorption of B-vitamins. Thus, a higher yield from the feed may be obtained when yeast are provided, especially when fiber-rich diets are fed. Prebiotic compounds such as inulin are non-digestible feed ingredients that beneficially affect the animal by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine. Prebiotic administration helps prevent upregulating of pathogenic (harmful) bacteria. This may result in improved gastrointestinal health and immunity status of the animal. Inulin is not stored in the body. Therefore, a daily intake is necessary to maintain the desired effect.
Can I use Cavalor Vitaflor 365 while my horse is on antibiotics or afterwards?
Yes, antibiotic supplementation can affect the microbiotic life (microflora) in the intestines. There are wanted and unwanted strains of bacteria. Antibiotics may act on both types of bacteria and do not differentiate in its effect. Supplementing Cavalor Vitaflor when your horse is taking antibiotics may help your horse maintain a healthy microflora.
Can Cavalor Vitaflor 365 and Cavalor OilMega be fed simultaneously?
These products can be fed simultaneously. The ingredients work on different levels. Cavalor OilMega provides ingredients (specific fatty acids) that are beneficial to the overall health of the horse. The NAB in Cavalor OilMega has a positive effect on the intestinal flora by eleminating pathogenic bacteria. As a result, the feed is better digested and the horse's immunity increases. Cavalor Vitaflor 365 is a pre-and probiotic combination and stimulates the function of the intestinal microflora.
Is it beneficial to feed Cavalor Vitaflor 365 to a horse that does not eat a lot of concentrated feed but has all-day access to roughage (over 22lbs or 12kg/day)?
Cavalor Vitaflor 365 will improve fiber digestion which will result in better nutrient utilization for the horse.


A note from: Sara Lee (USA), Winner of the Facebook Contest!

Holling Eventing à Willow Run Farm
Nous avons commencé à donner du Cavalor Vitaflor 365 à un cheval problématique. Ce cheval avait été traité avec au moins 1/4 d’un tube de Gastrogard depuis qu’on avait diagnostiqué des ulcères en septembre ou octobre 2013. Nous avions essayé, à plusieurs reprises, d’arrêter le Gastrogard, mais à chaque fois il arrêtait de manger. Cavalor nous a fourni un seau de 2kg de Vitaflor 365 et nous avons commencé à donner ce produit à notre cheval sensible. Après 7 jours, nous avons encore essayé d’arrêter le Gastrogard. Et il a commencé à manger ! Nous sommes maintenant un mois plus tard et il continue de manger correctement et de prendre du poids. Il a l'air en forme et travaille mieux que jamais. Nous donnons du Vitaflor à 2 de nos autres chevaux maintenant. Les deux viennent d’arriver d’un autre pays et ont du mal à s’adapter à la vie américaine. Nous espérons des résultats positifs similaires. Nous espérons que cette information puisse aider d’autres personnes.

Additional Information & Education

CAVALOR® VITAFLOR 365 - Premium Line 
Living yeasts and prebiotics to enhance the absorption of important nutrients and stimulate "good" bacteria

Indication for use
The intestinal tract ensures the absorption of all the necessary nutrients by the body. Its optimal functioning is therefore essential to health. By optimizing the intestinal flora, the maximum yield from the feed is obtained and the body's immunity is strengthened. There are numerous factors that can disturb the intestinal balance such as stress, specific medications, concentrated feed, etc.
The colon is a very important component of the horse's digestion. The horse's natural diet is mainly roughage from grass and hay. Because we put higher demands on our horses, there is a need for concentrated feed in the form of grain mixes (high starch content). The small intestine often cannot completely process the digestion of starch, causing a portion of it to be pushed into the colon. There the starch is converted to lactate. This may lead to acidification of the colon, inhibiting the proper functioning of the micro-organisms, which results in a lower digestion of roughage and a reduced absorption of nutrients (especially minerals). This may lead to lowered disease resistance, reduced fitness and/or a colic susceptibility.  Vitaflor 365 is a daily requirement to balance the absorption of nutrients, improve good development in young horses and maintain the condition of the sport horse.

Composition of the product
CAVALOR VITAFLOR 365 contains live yeasts and inulin. Live yeast supports bacteria using lactic acid in the colon, preventing acidification (lowering of the pH), ensuring that the micro-organisms present work under optimal conditions. This improves the digestion of crude fiber, the absorption of minerals and the production and absorption of B-vitamins. Thus, a higher yield from the feed is obtained and the incidence of colic decreases.
Inulin is a fructooligosaccharide (FOS), which belongs to the family of prebiotic compounds. These are nondigestible feed ingredients that beneficially affect the animal by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of one or a number of species already present in the colon. As an indirect result, prebiotic administration inhibits some pathogenic bacteria to develop. Since inulin is not stored in the body, a daily application is necessary to "feed" these microbes to ensure their beneficial effect and protection against pathogens.

Dosage and application of the products
Sport horses: 30 grams/ 1.06-1.4 oz per day (3 measuring scoops)
 Leisure horses and ponies: 20 grams/ 0.7-1.06 oz per day (2 measuring scoops)
 During gestation or lactation: 40 grams/1.4 oz per day (4 measuring scoops)
 Foals: 15 grams/0.35 oz per day (1 measuring scoop)
 Maximum: 60 gram/2.1 oz per day
Mix with the daily feed for at least 4 weeks. Best results are obtained with continued use.

Pail: 2000 g/4.4lb










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