Cavalor Derma Wash

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Cavalor Derma Wash nettoie la peau et élimine bactéries, virus et mycoses. Maintient l’élasticité de la peau.

Extended information

Indication for use

Frictionnez le liquide prêt à l’usage jusqu’à obtenir une couche de mousse. Rincez ensuite à l’eau.


Conditionnement : bouteille de 500 ml.

Technical Sheet


Can I use Cavalor Derma Wash directly on the skin without diluting it in water?
Yes. Cavalor Derma Wash may be applied directly to the skin and on minor wounds.
Can I use Cavalor Derma Wash to disinfect my leather gear or other equipment?
Yes. Cavalor Derma Wash is suitable for cleaning leather gear and also helps protect it.
What is the advantage of Chlorhexidine-based desinfectants?
Contrary to other types of active desinfectants, Cavalor Derma Wash will not dry the skin and can therefore be recomended for daily use.
Does Cavalor Derma Wash replace a shampoo?
No. Cavalor Derma Wash is a cleanser, but it does not produce or enhance a shiny effect on the horse's hair coat.


Dana Diemer, Combined Driver

"Nobody's leaving anything in the tub! My chestnut driving pony is a picky eater from time to time and he's licking the bowl clean!" - Dana Diemer, Combined Driver

Additional Information & Education

Cavalor Derma Wash

Indications d'utilisation

Un shampoing et/ou savon permet de nettoyer la peau et le poil d'un animal en enlevant la saleté, la poussière, les excréments, etc. Un shampoing ordinaire n'a que des effets antiseptiques restreints et peut provoquer à la longue des irritations.