Rest, Nature's best medicine

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  • Rest, Nature's best medicine

    Your horse is an athlete: rest is the key to success

    Cavalor Detox

    Throughout the year it is important for athletes to take a break and recuperate. After a top performance or competition season, they need to slow down, rest and rebalance their body. This much-needed recovery period is also essential for your horse, as competition-free weekends can be counted on the fingers of one hand nowadays. This is a dangerous evolution, especially when you only have one or two horses. It is almost impossible to keep them in top condition all year long, because continuously “pushing” a horse often results in fatigue and poor performance.

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor FiberForce
    Leslie Bean, Dressage, NC

    "I've actually gone away from the Cavalor feed and have not been happy at all. My Grand Prix horse stopped eating after we took him off the feed. He's been back on Cavalor for two months and he ravages his grain. I have never seen, in my entire life, a feed put weight on horses like Cavalor Fiberforce. I've had horses come in with poor coat quality and ribby and in a month they are fat and I have to cut them back on feed, and they are in full work!"

    Leslie Bean, Dressage, NC



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  • In the picture

    World Equestrian Games 2018

    Our Cavalor ambassadors did a great job at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon (USA) ! First of all, Bernard Fonck won the gold medal in Reining - the first European ever. Secondly, Simone Blum became world champion in showjumping - the first woman ever. And Edouard Simonet won 2 bronze medals with the team and individual in driving!

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