Summer time shampoo time

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    Summer time, shampoo time!

    Make the difference with Cavalor shampoos! Time spent grooming each day fulfils a key role for both horse and rider. It’s real quality time. You can see the results straight away, but even more importantly, these times really strengthen the bond between you and your horse. Grooming products are much more than just a spot of pampering. They really do make a difference.

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor Calm
    Melinda Mayes-Kelly

    "Without Cavalor Calm and Cavalor SoZen, I would be unable to get my horses soft and slow enough without exhausting theirlegs. Instead of having to "ride them down" they can concentrate on their job. I have tried all other calming products on the market and none of them show results like Cavalor Calm and Cavalor SoZen."

    - Melinda Mayes-Kelly - Weatherford, TexasAmature Reiner


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    When building condition, a good start is half the battle.

    Your horse is an athlete, and athletes need good condition to deliver top performance. Horses that feel good will perform better, no matter what level you are at. In this issue of Science Sunday in September, learn what you need to know to improve your horse's condition.

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