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  • Elektrolytes

    Electrolytes - A hype or a must?

    Cavalor Elektrolyte

    With summer finally here and temperatures rising, it is the perfect time to stress the importance of electrolytes. Some equestrians feed them to their horses daily, while others only feed them in extreme heat or during a strenuous competition. But when do horses need those extra electrolytes, and why?

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor Bianco Wash
    It’s a Cavalor® NorPlus Miracle!!!

    Like most grays, Micah regularly looks more dappled-dirt and dappled-poo colored. He is bathed a couple of times a week to keep him looking somewhat like the gray horse I know he is under that cover of dirt and manure. Combine dirt and manure with a full winter coat, three days of consistent rain, subsequent mud, 24-7 turnout, and one giant gray horse - What do you get? An inch thick of dried mud and various other things stuck to his body and tangled in his tail. I decided to try Cavalor® NorPlus for the first time hoping for a miracle, or at least a somewhat white looking horse. I'm amazed with the transformation! With only one application, Micah was transformed into a show ring ready horse! With a tiny amount of Cavalor® NorPlus, he lathered up and all the dirt and grime washed away leaving his coat super soft, smelling beautiful, and not at all slick; just soft and clean, and he is a brilliant white! Micah's tail took only one wash to get all the stains out! I finished him up with Cavalor® Star Shine to detangle his ridiculously thick tail. My boy looks fantastic and his skin is happy! No more drying out his coat and scurf from over drying his skin with harsh shampoos! I love Cavalor® NorPlus and Cavalor® Star Shine and so does Micah!

    Summer Thurber, Owner of Silver Race Farm and Vice President of the Thoroughbred Retirement Center of Tampa - The Tampa Bay Downs' Official Retirement Program (Tampa, Florida, USA)


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  • In the picture

    Friday Spotlight: Lillee @ Chum Therapeutic Riding Center

    Children and Horses United in Movement, or C.H.U.M. Therapeutic Riding Inc. has been serving the Michigan area since the early 1980s. Established by Bonnie DePue, who is certified by the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, C.H.U.M. is a faith and grace guided riding program, intended to help those with and without disabilities grow their love and appreciation for horses.

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