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    "Feed for Thought": The Cool Down: Secrets Behind Keeping a Horse Healthy & Sound

    By Suzie Middlebrook, BSc | Cavalor Nutrition Specialist It used to be that when you noticed heat or swelling on your horse's leg, you immediately reached for the hose and would sit there for some arbitrary amount of time hosing the affected leg. This process was always referred to as “cold hosing” regardless of the actual temperature of the water. While this method is easy and convenient, cold hosing is not necessarily effective in reducing pain and heat at the injury site.

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor Sw-Itch
    M. McAlister

    "The biting bugs are out! Horses in CA are plagued with these little tiny biting nats. The bites from the pesty little creatures cause great discomfort and itching! I know from personal experience that Cavalor® Sw-Itch solved my problems." - M. McAlister

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    Cavalor SoleMate

    Cavalor SoleMate again takes the lead in providing the perfect care for hoof soreness without having to wrap! Cavalor SoleMate will not test!

    Cavalor SoleMate