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    "Feed for Thought": Feeding is Fueling

    When looking at the athletes of the human world, you can often tell what type of sport an athlete competes in by looking at their diet. A distance runner will generally eat foods high in carbohydrates & fats, such as sweet potatoes, nuts, & bagels with cream cheese. In contrast, a weight lifter would eat a diet high in protein like chicken, tuna, & soy products, with carbohydrates being the primary fuel source, particularly in the form of pre-workouts and energy boosters. But why is that and how does that compare to your horse?

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    Cavalor Lurax
    Diana Sponagel

    I'm totally thrilled with Cavalor Lurax! My horse had gotten some chafing on his hocks from where the blanket rubbed. After using the product for a few days, the sores began to heal and the skin's appearance improved. Within a week the sores were gone. I have also had good experience using the ointment on superficial scratches on the head area. One time my horse had an inflamed hair follicle in the saddle area, which was quite sensitive. My veterinarian did a minor procedure, and then I smeared a thick coat of Lurax on the area. The next dayeverything was fine - the skin was smooth and impervious to irritation. An extra benefit is that the ointment smells just great. I also like how it softens my hands after having treated my horse. This is such an effective product and so pleasant to use.

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    Cavalor Action Mix

    THE IDEAL MIX FOR ACTIVE COMPETITION HORSES PRACTICING LIGHT WORK Cavalor® Action Mix is formulated for competition horses subject to performing light work (4-8 hours a week). The selection of natural raw materials in Cavalor® Action Mix is specifically tailored to meet the nutritional needs of horses practicing light work while maintaining adequate nutrition, high palatability and keeping feeding costs low. Cavalor® Action Mix contains FLORASTIMUL, a prebiotic to ensure the health of the intestinal flora. Cavalor® Action Mix is designed to be fed in addition to hay and straw. This great competition mix can also be fed with limited grazing (1 kg of hay = 5 kg of grass) to ensure horses get all key nutritional elements.

    Cavalor Action Mix