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    Cavalor Sponsored rider Alice Naber Lozeman Dutch Champion Eventing!

    Cavalor is proud to support Alice Naber-Lozeman! She became Dutch Eventing Champion this weekend, with her horse Peter Parker! She extended her Dutch cross country title from last year.

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor Vitaflor 365
    Holling Eventing at Willow Run Farm

    We switched a problematic horse onto the Cavalor Vitaflor 362.This horse has been on at least 1/4 of a tube of gastroguard since being scoped and diagnosed with ulcers in September or October of 2013. We tried him on succeed in order to ween him off of the gastroguard and each time that we did he stopped eating. Cavalor supplied us with a 2kg container of Vitaflor 365 and we started our tummy trouble horse on it. After 7 days on the product we once again tried to take the horse off of the 1/4 tube of gastroguard. The horse ate! It has been almost a month and he is eating and continuing to gain weight. He looks and feels great and is training better than he has ever trained before. We are putting 2 other of our horses on the Vitaflor now. Both newly imported and having trouble with the North American way of living. We are hoping for similar positive results. We hope that this information can help others. Jenn Holling Eventing at Willow Run Farmwww.hollingeventing.com

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  • Product Spotlight

    Cavalor Tradition Mix

    TRADTIONAL FORMULA CONTAINING THE MOST ESSENTIAL VALUES FOR A BASIC & NUTRITIOUS RATION Cavalor® Tradition Mix. The name says it all! The formula contains all of the necessary elements for a healthy and balanced traditional horse ration. Cavalor® Tradition Mix is designed for horses at rest or horses performing light work. The balance between quality and price offered with Cavalor® Tradition Mix allows for a very broad use of the feed (regardless of the type of horse). This all-round mix can be digested very easily which leads to a better conversion into usable energy.

    Cavalor Tradition Mix