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    MyCavalor.com’ is a fast, user-friendly online resource that is as easy as 1,2,3. By asking some simple questions, MyCavalor.com will help calculate the appropriate ration for your horse in no time. Take charge and personalize your horse’s diet, because your horse is different and has different needs! For example, does he just need more energy, or should he be calmer? Find out how with MyCavalor.com.

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    Cavalor FiberForce
    Ann-Sophie and her pony Cesje

    Cesje is a 25-year-old pony who has suffered from laminitis and diarrhea in recent years. When she moved from a retirement stable to my home, I went in search of a feed with a low starch and sugar content. Because of her age, she needs something extra. That´s how I arrived at FiberForce from Cavalor®. She is crazy about this food and she is also much fitter. Since she gets this feed, she has not once had laminitis and she no longer has diarrhea. She nonetheless eats more grass now. The other ponies do well with hay, grass, and Cavalor® Support.

    Cesje befor Cavalor FiberForce:

    Cesje after Cavalor FiberForce:

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