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    Feed For Thought: Protein, Part 1 “What are the signs, symptoms, and treatments of protein deficiency?”

    By Suzie Middlebrook, B.Sc., Cavalor Nutrition Specialist It doesn’t matter if your horse is a top level competitor, a broodmare, or just a pasture ornament, protein is important to all horses. In contrast to popular thought, protein is rarely utilized as a form of energy except in cases of starvation when the horse has to resort to metabolizing its own muscle. Instead, protein is used to build and repair nearly all the structures in the body. Protein makes up everything from muscles and joints to vital organs such as the intestines, kidneys, and lungs. These structures and others may be damaged due to exertion or stress. For example, when a horse lands off a jump or takes a funny step on the trail, there may be small tears in the tendons or ligaments that need repair. The body will use the protein from its diet to heal these small injuries. If the diet does not contain a sufficient amount of protein, then the horse will be forced to prioritize what structures are repaired first. So if the heart also suffered some small amount of damage, then the body may begin to breakdown muscle, tendons, or ligaments to repair the injured vital organ.

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    Cavalor FiberForce
    Wodan, a cushing horse, saved with Cavalor® FiberForce

    At the beginning of the year 2013 my horse Wodan was suffering from laminitis and he became very skinny due to Cushing’s disease. Sugars and starch were banned in his diet. Thanks to the good medical care of my veterinarian and my farrier, and the diet advice of the equine clinic UGent the downward spiral of his disease was broken. I started with Cavalor® FiberForce, a great low sugar product that even smells delicious. My horse became thicker and stronger. Really great results in such a short period of time.

    Thank you, Cavalor, for creating a product that reduces his chance of laminitis relapse and that gave him a chance to survive.

    - Kathleen Impe, Belgium





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    Cavalor SoleMate

    Cavalor SoleMate again takes the lead in providing the perfect care for hoof soreness without having to wrap! Cavalor SoleMate reduces inflammation and relieves pain in horse hooves with all natural ingredients that wash off with water! Cavalor SoleMate will not test!

    Cavalor SoleMate