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    Good news for our clients all over the world: Cavalor® feed, supplements and care products will be available at the various tour locations in southern Europe and the USA in the next coming weeks!

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    Cavalor MudDoc
    Dr. Stane Knez, DVM

    "With mud fever or scratches common treatments (antibiotics, corticosteroids) are successful to stop the infection and heal the scab, however shortly afterwards the scratches have a higher risk of returning. Cavalor® MudDoc stops the infection and the scabs, but also heals the skin to ensure the mud fever and/or scratches does not return in the future. I think Cavalor® MudDoc is the most effective remedy on the market. Just rub Cavalor® MudDoc on the scabs don't force them to break off and they will fall off after 5 to 7 days not to return."

    - Dr. Stane Knez, DVM


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  • Product Spotlight

    Cavalor Shine & Show

    WHERE PERFORMANCE & BEAUTY ALIGN Cavalor® Shine & Show is a unique feed designed for horses that need to standout and shine under the spotlight such as Arabian show horses, sale horses and other show horses. Cavalor® Shine & Show contains a high percentage of natural oils to ensure a shiny and healthy coat while supplying the horse with a safe source of energy. It is important for show horses in general to stay in excellent shape. Cavalor® Shine & Show contains all of the necessary elements to ensure top form and health. It contains MUSCLE PLUS, a sophisticated composition of vitamin E and selenium: this combination of elements helps strengthen the natural resistance of the muscle structure.

    Cavalor Shine & Show