Rest, Nature's best medicine

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  • Detox

    Your horse is an athlete: rest is the key to success

    Cavalor Detox

    Throughout the year it is important for athletes to take a break and recuperate. After a top performance or competition season, they need to slow down, rest and rebalance their body. This much-needed recovery period is also essential for your horse, as competition-free weekends can be counted on the fingers of one hand nowadays. This is a dangerous evolution, especially when you only have one or two horses. It is almost impossible to keep them in top condition all year long, because continuously “pushing” a horse often results in fatigue and poor performance.

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor SoZen
    Twan Versteeg: My farrier put me in touch with Karen of Cavalor.

    My horses needed more concentrate because they were too thin. With two novice riders (i.e. my daughters), I had a bit of a problem. If I fed them more pellets they got too ‘hot’, which made them unsuitable for riding. Our farrier suggested we ask Karen from Cavalor for advice. She recommended changing their diet to a combination of Cavalor Action Pellet with Cavalor ProBreed, followed by half a bucket of beet pulp for dessert. A scoop of Cavalor SoZen kept our horses’ heads ‘cool’. The horses improved markedly in a short space of time. Their shine soon returned and their muscle mass quickly increased. They were unrecognisable! And they got their energy back. A bit too much, unfortunately! One of them started bucking and jumping all over the place: in fact, the young chestnut went a little too far and his rider ended up in hospital. Still, we have so much confidence in Cavalor that we’ve stayed with the brand, although we’ve switched to Cavalor Action Pellet combined with Cavalor Pianissimo now – a combination that works perfectly for our horses and our riders. It keeps the horses looking great and a joy to ride! Looking back, we’re delighted our farrier recommended Cavalor!
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  • In the picture

    Now go win

    I want a fit horse at the starting line. How can I offer my horse the maximum nutritional support? It has happened to all of us at some time: months of preparation for that really crucial competition and the day has finally arrived. The tack is clean and shiny, you have had a good night's sleep, and your horse is well trained... In other words, let the battle commence. But just when a performance peak is required, your horse feels under the weather. What now? Various reasons may make your horse feel stiff or less than 100% fit. The best known cause is muscle fatigue. Lactic acid is traditionally seen as the “culprit” of this type of fatigue. But is accumulation of lactate effectively the culprit? And is it the only cause of fatigue and acidification?

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