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    "Feed for Thought": Feeding is Fueling

    When looking at the athletes of the human world, you can often tell what type of sport an athlete competes in by looking at their diet. A distance runner will generally eat foods high in carbohydrates & fats, such as sweet potatoes, nuts, & bagels with cream cheese. In contrast, a weight lifter would eat a diet high in protein like chicken, tuna, & soy products, with carbohydrates being the primary fuel source, particularly in the form of pre-workouts and energy boosters. But why is that and how does that compare to your horse?

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    Cavalor An Energy Boost
    Deborah Malinowska, breeder, dressage and hunter/jumper trainer

    "What is great about the feed is that my horses look fabulous, they feel good, and they look like a million bucks." - Deborah Malinowska, breeder, dressage and hunter/jumper trainer

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    Cavalor Wholegain


    Cavalor Wholegain