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    "Feed for Thought": Equine Hindgut Health Part 2: How to effectively support a healthy hindgut

    By Suzie Middlebrook, BSc. | Cavalor Nutrition Specialist The complex digestive tract of the horse can sometimes be assaulted by different irritants or pathogens that can cause diarrhea or Gas. Some examples would be a change in diet, a virus, anti biotic treatment or an excess amount of oil in their diet. All three of these scenarios can cause the normal microbial populations, or “good gut bacteria,” to suffer, causing their numbers to falter which can lead to even further negative impact on the overall health of the horse. The drop in microbial populations can cause a negative feedback loop, leading to further insult on the gastrointestinal health of the horse. This is due to the fact that the gut environment has been significantly altered, impeding the horse’s ability to self-repair from the initial insult.

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    Cavalor Muscle Fit
    Anne Steffenowski

    I didn't like the smell of Cavalor® Muscle Fit and I really doubted that my horse would eat it because he is a picky eater. Surprisingly, without any problem he ate the Cavalor® Muscle Fit. After a week of administration I really felt that he was more supple during work, especially in his back. In the middle of the treatment I was a bit unsure whether it was still having that big effect. But when I stopped the administration I really noticed the difference. I can surely recommend Cavalor® Muscle Fit and will give my horse another four-week treatment at winter time. Anne Steffenowski - Germany

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    Cavalor Tradition Mix

    TRADTIONAL FORMULA CONTAINING THE MOST ESSENTIAL VALUES FOR A BASIC & NUTRITIOUS RATION Cavalor® Tradition Mix. The name says it all! The formula contains all of the necessary elements for a healthy and balanced traditional horse ration. Cavalor® Tradition Mix is designed for horses at rest or horses performing light work. The balance between quality and price offered with Cavalor® Tradition Mix allows for a very broad use of the feed (regardless of the type of horse). This all-round mix can be digested very easily which leads to a better conversion into usable energy.

    Cavalor Tradition Mix