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Press release: Cavalor SoleMate, first care hoof-packing: an innovation in hoof care.

Published: 2007-11-21

Cavalor has devoted itself for over 15 years to developing and producing feed supplements and care products for horses. These products are designed both for professionals and for horse-riding enthusiasts. And to make sure that they are the right products, we have surrounded ourselves with equine specialists. Cavalor horse feed and care products enjoy a wonderful reputation thanks to our quality control and ongoing checks. Cavalor views the wellbeing of horses, as well as having extensive knowledge about these magnificent animals as its primary concerns. This passion is demonstrated once again on the ground with SoleMate.

With Cavalor SoleMate, we take the lead in the better, natural care and prevention of hoof trauma. Cavalor SoleMate is the only product that both slows down inflammation and relieves pain in hoof-packing for horses.

Careful relevant studies with a control group have demonstrated that Cavalor SoleMate not only eases the pain caused by hoof constriction, navicular disease, hoof thrush, white line disease, bruising and other concussive trauma to the hooves, but also heals it demonstrably more quickly, too.

The curative development on the tissue of the horse is very clearly shown in the thermographic anatomical scans below of an athletic horse in full training.

A thermographic image of a horse in training shows us increased thermal gradients in large sections of the tissue.

We treated the horse for three days, once a day, with Cavalor SoleMate and obtained a totally different image. The tissue displayed at least 70% fewer thermal gradients!

Cavalor SoleMate has been specially designed for use after hard work, training sessions or on the day before or during times of major physical effort, such as competitions.

Cavalor SoleMate is, of course, a pharmaceutical free product that leaves no concerns in its use during any athletic event in any discipline.There is also no need for professional riders to fear recording a positive drugs test.

The brown paste is quick and easy to apply and adheres well. Cavalor SoleMate will be available from 25/11/2007 in a variety of pack sizes.

If you would like more scientific background information about our new, ground-breaking product, Please contact Cavalor obligation-free by e-mailing or calling
+32 9 2428220.

Yours truly,

Cavalor Belgium