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Press release: the 4th European Health and Nutrition Congress

Published: 2008-05-12

The equine scientific community, veterinarians, feed industry and equine professionals met each other at Wageningen University for a multidisciplinary approach regarding the nutrition and health of horses.

From 18 – 19 of April 2008 veterinarians and scientists met with the feed industry and equine professionals at the 4th European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress (4th EEHNC). This unique event took place at Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), Wageningen, The Netherlands. The 150 participants from over 15 countries discussed topics related to feed & health of horses. The 4th EEHNC congress is organized in cooperation with the Animal Nutrition Group of WUR and the Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and the Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Biology of Large Animals of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University. The congress had a two-day programme, which consisted of invited speaker sessions, posters and mini-reviews and workshops. More information regarding this congress can be found at

The free communication award was given to Amanda Waller from Guelph University. She received a 500 Euro cheque from Peter Bollen (President of the EEHNC) for her abstract entitled “The effect of electrolyte supplementation after prolonged moderate intensity exercise on muscle electrolyte contents and glycogen resynthesis in Standardbreds” (Picture). The study of Waller and Lindinger suggests that horses receiving electrolyte supplementation directly after prolonged exercise and before a meal is provided have an increased muscle glycogen recovery and plasma hydration status compared to a control group receiving no supplementation.

The proceedings of the European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress are also available as a booklet. The proceedings booklet contains reviews of the invited speaker sessions and extended abstracts from the free communication session. Information about the congress and order information regarding the proceedings can be obtained from