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World Cup Horseball

Published: 2012-11-07

The World Cup Horse Ball starts today in Montpellier. The Belgian national team is very ambitious and will fight for the title!
8 players will represent Belgium: Nicolas Florizoone with Farao, Mathieu Rynedyck with Symbolic Law, Claudio Van Praet with Luna Mix, Jan Rombaut with Santiagio Missile, Valerie Antheunis with Source Du Nil, Kevin Vanneste with City Z, Robin Cool with Seven and Mathias Praet with Dexione. Under the guidance of coach Koen Vinck and chef d'equipe Steven De Grande they play 4 games with the aim to achieve a medal place. After draw in 2 groups, they will play Wednesday, November 7th their first game. Sunday, November 11 is the final round. We will keep you posted and get live report from the team! Stay tuned!!