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Triple National Champion Raf Kooremans

Published: 2007-07-30

Raf Kooremans won again the gold medal at the Belgian eventing championships. Kooreman’s obtained the national title for three times at a row now with his horse Izanette. The 17-year-old horse seems to be as fit as in her younger years! Initially, Kooremans did not start well with this tournament as he was on fifth position after competing in the dressage disciplin. According to Kooremans this result was deserved as he warmed up his horse too long before entering the arena, “my mistake”. However, the farrier from Merksplas made the difference in the jump off. His four competitors were unable to not touch the fences and Izanette was able to do so. This took them in the lead. The cross was easily ridden and Kooremans finished with only a small time penalty that was not able to keep them away from gold. Vincent Martens riding Verdi (“Eventingteam Vlaanderen”) and Karin Donckers riding King obtained the 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

After an injury of Raf’s top horse, Raf’s goal was to obtain the Belgian national title. “Goal accomplished” thanks to Izanette said Kooremans; “Before I bought Izanette she was for sale for over a year; Nobody was interested or found her good enough”. “In my view we have got the maximum out of this horse without going over the edge, otherwise you could not ride a cross with a 17-year-old horse”. The triple Belgian eventing champion can also so count on Izanette due to the nutritional support of Cavalor. Kooreman’s makes use of Cavalor Electroliq Balance and Cavalor Arti Matrix. A yearly treatment with Cavalor Hepato Liq is also part of Raf’s nutritional management.