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6th European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress.

Published: 2012-12-19

6th European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress: “Feeding for gastrointestinal health”. Every two years, Cavalor is involved in the organization of the European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress (EEHNC). The 6th EEHNC is an international event uniting scientists from around the world to share innovative ideas on equine health and nutrition. The 6th European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress in 2013 will focus on “Feeding horses for gastrointestinal health.” On March 1-2, 2013 the 6th EEHNC will take place in the surroundings of Ghent University (Belgium). Register before January 1, 2013 for the early bird registration fee!

The Congress attracts a group of equine practitioners, researchers, nutritionists and equine professionals from around the world. In 2013, we look forward to presenting an overview of nutritional and management strategies used today to optimize equine gastrointestinal health with a multidisciplinary and clinical approach. The agenda consists of lectures by internationally acclaimed specialists in the areas of nutrition, exercise physiology and veterinary science. 
One day will be dedicated to the relationship of nutrition and the prevention of gastrointestinal problems in healthy horses. The second day of the program will focus on feeding the horse with gastrointestinal problems. The setup of this meeting will be of special interest to veterinarians as practical as and clinical perspectives of feeding will be addressed. Examples of questions that will be discussed during this congress are "How to provide dietary strategies for optimizing gastrointestinal health?", "How to prevent gastrointestinal disorders?", and "What do we know about feed allergens?"

Before the start of the EEHNC congress an applied workshop program will be organized. All workshops will be given by experienced professionals or clinicians and have a multidisciplinary approach regarding equine nutrition and health.

The 6th EEHNC is organized in cooperation with departments from the Faculty of Veterinary medicine of Ghent University, Utrecht University and the University of Liege. The Animal Science Group (Wageningen University and Research Center) is also involved.

More information regarding this congress and full program as well as previous proceedings of the EEHNC congress can be found on the congress website: