Nutritional Articles

Equine nutrition column “Dealing with Drought” and Dental Disease and Nutrition.

Published: 2004-06-30

Brief content of the article
Short column regarding managing horses through a drought based on the booklet (Drought Feeding for horses) written by David Nash (1). A related link to this booklet is This information may be of special interest for australian horse owners.
The column ‘Dental disease and Nutrition” presents a brief review of the presentation of Dr. M.Q. Lowder at the North American Veterinary Conference (2).

(1) Nash, D. 2004. Dealing with Drought. J. Eq. Vet. Sci. 23: 80-81.
(2) Anonymous. 2004. Dental Disease and nutrition. J. Eq. Vet. Sci. 24: 169.

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