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The role of incisors in selective grazing

Published: 2004-12-21

Brief content of the article
To clarify the role of the incisors in selective grazing by cattle and horses, three Holstein cattle and three thoroughbred horses were used to investigate the bite weight and bite force. Leaves of perennial ryegrass were mixed with leaves of tall fescue or reproductive culms of reed canarygrass (these grasses were used for there different physical strength). One of the obsevations of this study was that there was little difference between cattle and horses in bite rate, but DM intake rate of horses was almost twice that of cattle fed the perennial ryegrass/tall fescue mixture. Several bite forces are also presented in the article.
Keywords: grazing behavior; grass; artiodactyls; perissodactyls.

Hongo, A., Akimoto, M. 2003. The role of incisors in selective grazing. J. Agric. Sci 140: 469-477.

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