Cavalor Lurax

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A skin ointment ideal for treating scrapes, bruises and other skin irritations.

Extended information

Indication for use

Apply the ointment to the damaged skin. Store in a cool place.


Packaging: tube of 200 ml/6.7 fl. oz.


Can I apply Cavalor Lurax to an open wound?
Research has indicated that Cavalor Lurax may help reduce pain, stimulate wound healing and inhibit the formation of scar tissue. It may be used on open wounds that are small or superficial.
Can I apply Cavalor Lurax to a sunburned nose?
Yes. If your horse has a sunburned nose, applying a layer of Cavalor Lurax may help.
Does Cavalor Lurax help heal scratches?
Yes, Cavalor Lurax may be helpful with the skin condition commonly referred to as scratches, mud fever or greasy heel.


Andrea Roettger

I bought Cavalor Lurax to try on my horses because they kept coming in with pasture wounds. This has particularly been a problem in the summertime, when they stay in the field all day. And since they like to play together, after one injury heals, another one happens. Now when they come in from the meadow, I'm ready with Lurax.

Everywhere I've used Lurax on my horses' bodies, the ointment has worked wonders. The wounds healed quickly, and the skin grows back nice and smooth. I have been very satisfied with the results, and now I always keep Lurax on hand in my barn.


Diana Sponagel

I'm totally thrilled with Cavalor Lurax! My horse had gotten some chafing on his hocks from where the blanket rubbed. After using the product for a few days, the sores began to heal and the skin's appearance improved. Within a week the sores were gone. I have also had
good experience using the ointment on superficial scratches on the head area. One time my horse had an inflamed hair follicle in the saddle area, which was quite sensitive. My veterinarian did a minor procedure, and then I smeared a thick coat of Lurax on the area. The next day
everything was fine - the skin was smooth and impervious to irritation. An extra benefit is that the ointment smells just great. I also like how it softens my hands after having treated my horse. This is such an effective product and so pleasant to use.

Susanne Elbing

Something we particularly like about Cavalor Lurax is that the ointment can be applied easily and is quickly absorbed. The first wounds we tried the product on were bites and impact injuries. Our horses healed rapidly, and the skin remained supple. This is a very good product.

Tim Pleger

I find Cavalor Lurax easy to apply, and it absorbs well into the horse's skin. It adheres firmly to a wound, which keeps it clean and promotes faster healing. Equally as important, the new skin layer has grown in nice and supple. I am super happy with it - this is a great product!

Neels Eys, Polo Player

"Lurax is my favorite Cavalor® product because it can be used on pretty much anything and it really works, healing quickly and even helps the hair to grow back! Cavalor® Lurax soothes saddle rubs way quicker than anything I've used before."

-Neels Eys, Polo Player


Additional Information & Education

CAVALOR® LURAX  -   Premium Line
A skin ointment for treating small wounds and scratches

Indication for use

Minor skin wounds after an accident call for an ointment that contains everything needed for extremely fast and effective healing action. Essential oils, vitamins, acids, oxides and plant extracts ensure that this ointment has a soothing and relaxing effect on the skin.

As a result:
- Irritations are counteracted (less rubbing and opening of wounds by the horse), due to the cooling and calming effect.
- Skin cells are supplied with nutrients that are important for recuperation.
- Risk of inflammation is reduced.
- Wounds caused by rubbing of the saddle are prevented.

Composition, application and safety of the product

Cavalor Lurax contains cod liver oil, zinc oxide, vitamins A and D, boswellia serrata, aloe vera and essential oils.  This mixture produces exceptionally good results (see packaging for label values). In the case of serious skin damage, wounds or inflammation, always consult a veterinarian before using this product.

How to apply: Massage the ointment thoroughly into the skin around the affected area three times a day until the skin is normal again. This product is for external use only!


- Tube containing 200 ml.








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