Cavalor Strucomix Original

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The traditionally delicious mix

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Indication for use

Daily amount Strucomix Original per animal: As a complete feed - 1.5 kg per 100 kg live body weight As a replacement for forage (hay) - 1.0 kg per 100 kg live body weight As a supplement - 0.350 kg per 100 kg live body weight


15 kg bag and 400 kg XL-Box


Is there a specially formulated feed for horses that are prone to colic?
Yes, horses that are prone to colic are best fed on feeds that contain a high level of fiber such as hay, straw, Strucomix, etc. The important thing is to feed your horse several times a day. By feeding small amounts on a regular basis, the digestive system (especially the hind gut and the large intestine) is kept properly filled, thereby reducing the chance of colic. The crude fiber contained in the forage keeps the digestive system active, which is best for the horse.
Is Strucomix sufficient to maintain my horse?
Strucomix is a complete feed with copious amounts of easily digestible fibers. As such, it is enough to maintain the horse. Feeding extra hay is not strictly necessary, although it is fine to do so. In fact, you can never really go wrong feeding a horse hay, as this serves to promote intestinal action.
How much Strucomix should I feed my horse with another feed concentrate?
Strucomix can be fed in combination with any of the other feeds from the Cavalor range. By supplementing meals with 2 to 3 liters, the feed volume that is to be digested and absorbed is properly increased. The fibers prompt the horse to start eating more slowly. As a result, the animal masticates to a higher degree, producing more saliva in the process, which in turn induces improved digestion.
Can I feed Strucomix as a supplement to other Cavalor feeds?
Strucomix is the feed that is best suited to be used with any other type of feed from the entire Cavalor range. Low in protein, its purpose-designed composition boosts the digestibility of the product with which it has been combined. In addition, it stimulates the appetite in difficult eaters, due to the aromas of the herbs that have been included. Strucomix ensures that the feed is absorbed within a reasonable time span.


Suzanne Hamilton, Cavalor Champion

"We have an OTTB mare at our barn that belongs to an event rider. The horse was really ribby and couldn't absorb any nutrients. The horse literally walked in and gained weight, you could see the difference right away. The best thing was the owner was actually on vacation, and didn't see her horse for three weeks and came back and couldn't believe what she looked like." - Suzanne Hamilton, Cavalor Champion (she only uses Strucomix)


Dressage Champion Nancy Later

"Cavalor Feed is a dream come true! I lived in Europe with my horses and my horses looked and felt so fantastic on the natural feed available there. On the East Coast I have been struggling to find a healthy grain mix without all the processed additives. All my horses enjoy Cavalor's tastey feed, it gives them long lasting strength to work but does not provide focus problems and energy spurts. I feel good feeding my horses something that is healthy and nutritious and made for horses complicated digestive system. From my 3 year old to my 21 year old grand prix horse Cavalor Feeds have all of my horses looking shiny, strong and feeling great!"

Renee W.

"Cavalor has conducted many field studies on OCD reduction. A study carried-out in Stable Dubois (France), a farm breeding more than 100 racehorses per year, initially showed OCD levels of more than 24% in foals. After the rations were corrected, OCD levels were reduced to 8% and for the last three years
levels have stabilized at 4-5%. "

-Renee W.
Cavalor Customer


Carole Schepens

In function of the cooperation between Cavalor and the VLP within the context of the VLP Talent plan, I have received detailed advice from Cavalor for my horse Velvet Dream. Cavalor analyzed my hay and horse's blood work. Their nutritionist advised me to feed Cavalor® Endurix and Cavalor® Strucomix. He also recommended to administer a treatment of Cavalor® Hepato Liq & Cavalor® Resist, and to use Cavalor® Oilmega. During competition I always use Cavalor® An Energy Boost. I am definitely pleased by the result of the Cavalor products. My horse has positively evolved and is completely ready for the upcoming competition season. I would sincerely recommend everyone to pay more attention to the feed of sport horses and to entrust the Cavalor R & D specialists for the nutrition of sport horses and of every top horse. Nutrition has such a big influence on the performance of your horse.

Carole Schepens



Martha Bennett, DVM

"I grew up on a farm with an equine veterinarian as a father and cannot remember a time when I did not own horses. I went to college at Auburn University where I earned a BS in Animal Science and my DVM and I have been practicing veterinary medicine for 12 years. When I started playing polo six years ago I fed my horses Purina Strategy. I trusted the company and I was very familiar with their research in animal nutrition. Because I frequently advise my clients not to make changes in an animal's nutrition unless there is a good reason to do so I was very reluctant to make a change myself. A Cavalor representative started talking to me about Cavalor over a year ago but I really was not interested in switching feed as my ponies were doing great. I continued talking to Libby and did some research on my own and began really thinking about my program. I had several older horses, two that were difficult to keep weight on, and another that was frequently choking on her pellets if they weren't fed to her very slowly. Maybe "great" wasn't the right word.

I switched all of my horses to Cavalor three months ago and have been absolutely thrilled. I'm no longer feeding supplements. My thin ones have picked up weight in spite of it being winter. And I have not had a single choking incident. I'm also very happy with how much the horses like it, even the ones that were never good eaters are excited at feeding time.

Thank you Cavalor for your contributions to equine nutrition and thank you to my Cavalor representative, Libby Cifuni for convincing me to make the change."

Martha Bennett, DVM
Senior Clinician - Emergency Service
Emergency Veterinarian Manager
Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners - Brentwood, TN


Tina Caldwell, Natural Horsemanship

"The thing that interested me was having the natural herbs in the feed. I think it's important for horses to have something to pick at and there's nothing else like it on the market. My horses seem to really like it too." - Tina Caldwell, Natural Horsemanship

Kathi Dancer, Combined Driver

"The reason that I switched to using Cavalor® Strucomix Original was because after being in Europe and seeing how high-quality the feed was comparable to the U.S., Cavalor is above and beyond other feeds available in the U.S. Everything else I can find in the U.S. is like garbage and junk food." - Kathi Dancer, Combined Driver

Valerie Vizcarrondo international eventer

"I had a really ulcery horse that really loves the feed and it's the one thing he'll eat. He nickers for his food and this was a horse you had to chase around with a feed bucket." Valerie Vizcarrondo international eventer

Lynn Doki Camina, Dressage Trainer

"I feed Cavalor® Strucomix Original and Cavalor® Strucomix Senior to my horses. I originally switched because you can actually see what is in the feed; you can identify the ingredients and it's not bogged down with molasses. One of my horses is 24 and he used to eat so much of his feed and leave it, but he doesn't leave the Cavalor. I'm happy with his feed bucket empty at night." Lynn Doki Camina, Dressage Trainer.

Alyssa Richards, Amateur Dressage Rider

"I switched to the Cavalor® Strucomix Original because I liked to see what my horse was eating. He now has a shiny coat, feels a lot better, and improves a lot faster." Alyssa Richards, Amateur Dressage Rider

Taryn Nolte, Walton Place Barn Manager

"One of the reasons we switched to Cavalor feed was my horse had really bad ulcers. He was on the Gastro Guard and everything. We switched him to the Cavalor® Strucomix Original and I swear it has helped. All the other horses look great as well. They are dappled and shiny." - Taryn Nolte, Walton Place Barn Manager

Lisa Hickman, Professional Barrel Racer

"The first thing I noticed was that everybody in about two weeks looked shiny and dappled out. I had a horse that was colicing a lot; she's 19 years old. I put her on Cavalor® Strucomix Original and Cavalor® Perfomix and she hasn't had any more colic episodes. She was having baby colics once a week." - Lisa Hickman, Professional Barrel Racer

Devon Bridges, Professional Hunter/Jumper

"I was trying to find something that I could do to make my feeding routine less complicated and more consistent. Feeding Cavalor makes both of those easier." - Devon Bridges, Professional Hunter/Jumper

Wanja Gerlach, Professional Dressage Rider

"Cavalor already has all the supplements my clients were using included in the feed, which cuts down a lot of the time we have to spend mixing the grain in the feed room and really it ends up being more cost effective." - Wanja Gerlach, Professional Dressage Rider

Heather Mehal, Trainer at Big Dog Stables in Granville, OH

"My 25-year-old mare started chocking and I spoke with my local Cavalor rep because she's also a really picky eater. My rep suggested I try Cavalor for Trilly and my other horse, Handsome, who's energy was never where I wanted it to be. Trilly loves the feed and nickers for her food. Her coat also looks great. Handsome is starting to put on muscle and gain a topline without getting hot. The horses love it and their energy is where it needs to be."

Heather Mehal, Trainer at Big Dog Stables in Granville, OH.


Letter from Mr Takanari Kusunoki, Japan

Thank you Cavalor for your feeding advice! I followed your advice strictly in preparation for the Asian Games. Daily my horse, Fairbanks Cargo gets Cavalor Strucomix Original with Cavalor Endurix. First he got a treatment with Cavalor Hepato Liq to remove the fatigue and to cleanse his liver and after, depending on the condition we adjusted his muscle strength with Cavalor Muscle Force. Two weeks before the departure to the Games I started the cure with Cavalor Resist and on the way from Japan to Korea I used Cavalor Emergency 911. Fairbanks Cargo arrived in perfect shape and did not suffer from the travel. In training days I supported my horse with Cavalor FreeBute and Cavalor Muscle Fit. During competition days I added Cavalor Kick Up, to give that extra energy push. The care products my groom used are Cavalor Muscooler and Cavalor Ice Clay. The Cavalor products really worked as expected and we had a fantastic competition. I ended winning Silver in the team and placed 9th in the individual competition and I was very happy !

For the reference, Mr Kusunoki visited Japanese Cavalor distributor from far away to say "Thank you" and he hang a silver medal on the distributor's neck!!



Additional Information & Education


By puffing grains we are able to improve the starch digestibility in the foregut from an average of 5-50% to 85-90%. These grains travel through the stomach and small intestine at a slower rate, allowing the di­gestive enzymes more time to act on the feed. More nutrients in the feed are released for the horse to absorb while avoiding any rapid releases of sugar and starch, which is critical for horses with metabolic issues.


Protein fed in excess of daily requirements cannot be stored in the horse's body. Horses convert protein into muscle mass by eating adequate protein and exercising. If protein synthesis occurs at the maximum rate, the un­used amino acids are broken down and excreted. Protein, and therefore amino acid breakdown, happens in the liv­er and the waste products are excreted via the kidney. Constant overfeeding of protein may stress the organs responsible for taking care of breakdown.


The herbs used in Strucomix Original stimulate proper di­gestion and improve appetite increasing the production of digestive enzymes that help break down feed into en­ergy. The powerful antioxidant compounds in the herbs have been linked to reducing oxidative stress in the body, boosting the body's circulation and the oxygenation of essential organ systems.