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This mud fever (scratches) ointment is a 100% natural and doping-free product. Because MudDoc stops bacteria from attaching to the foot, it not only treats current mud fever but helps prevent future breakouts as well.

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Indication for use

Disinfect the irritated skin and apply Cavalor MudDoc. For external use only.


Packaging: tub of 200 ml/13.6 fl. oz.


Why is Cavalor MudDoc so effective against Scratches and Greasy Heel?
Cavalor MudDoc is effective against greasy heel because it contains Natural Anti Biotic (NAB), a newly developed concept that works against the specific bacteria that cause mud fever.
Can I use Cavalor MudDoc on wounds?
We do not recommend applying Cavalor MudDoc on damaged skin. The interaction of Cavalor MudDoc with the damaged skin may result in swollen legs.
Should I remove scabs before applying Cavalor MudDoc?
No. Do not remove scabs deliberately, as this may cause irritation. CAUTION: It is recommended that Cavalor MudDoc not be applied until at least 24 hours after clipping to avoid hypersensitivity.


Dr. Stane Knez, DVM

"With mud fever or scratches common treatments (antibiotics, corticosteroids) are successful to stop the infection and heal the scab, however shortly afterwards the scratches have a higher risk of returning. Cavalor® MudDoc stops the infection and the scabs, but also heals the skin to ensure the mud fever and/or scratches does not return in the future. I think Cavalor® MudDoc is the most effective remedy on the market. Just rub Cavalor® MudDoc on the scabs don't force them to break off and they will fall off after 5 to 7 days not to return."

- Dr. Stane Knez, DVM


G. Lannoo

"All too often, competitive trotting horses are affected by too much salt in bad trotting tracks which often cause mud fever and scratches. Cavalor® MudDoc got rid of the mud fever and scratches very quickly and we were able to continue training right away."
- G. Lannoo Waele

"I tried different products but I could never get rid of the scratches on my horses legs. Cavalor® MudDoc was the only doping-free product that got rid of the scratches in an effective way."
- Waele

Tessa de Vrieze – My horse has recovered completely with Cavalor products!
In the photos you can see how well my mare looks now. She is looking great with the help of Cavalor products!! I am so happy with them. Her coat is glossy and lying flat again and she doesn’t seem to have had any more cramps. I’ve only been using Cavalor Resist and Cavalor Gastro8 for a week but it seems to be working very well. She has just finished a course of penicillin, so now Cavalor MudDoc can work its magic and there seems to be some progress in that area too.

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