Quality Control

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There are vast differences in the quality of raw materials. At Cavalor, raw materials must meet very stringent quality standards. Suppliers must comply with top-quality processes from the moment of purchase to the moment of delivery. Every raw material batch is tested by our nutrition laboratory to ensure that it meets our strict quality requirements. Our quality processes are one of our main assets and greatly benefit our customers.

Every raw material is subject to an evaluation process to ensure that only top-quality ingredients are used to manufacture Cavalor products. Cavalor’s procurement staff sources these ingredients from all over the world, assessing their effectiveness, stability and absorption characteristics.

Innovation in and of itself does not create superlative products. This is particularly so in a field where the “end user” (a horse) cannot tell you (literally speaking) whether or not the product works.

To create truly exceptional horse nutritional products, four elements are required:

  1. The best available raw materials
    1. Highest quality vitamins, trace minerals, stability and absorption
  2. The most stringent manufacturing and quality control processes
    1. Every raw material batch is sent to the Cavalor laboratory to ensure maximum quality and safety
    2. Cavalor guarantees complete traceability of all raw materials
    3. Cavalor plants are FCA/HACCP-Certified
  3. Study the synergetic effect of different active ingredients through fundamental and applied research
  4. A means to deliver these products to users in the most effective, practical and pleasant manner

The Cavalor Advanced Quality Process starts with the selection of raw materials and ends with the delivery of a high-quality product (feed, supplement or care product) to the end user. Our manufacturing processes comply with Feed Chain Alliance (FCA) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards. We guarantee complete traceability of the nature and origin of raw materials and archive samples of all manufactured products.

Since we use grains, seeds and other natural products, quality control is very important. After all, each harvest is different in terms of colour, shape, size and density.

We therefore set strict standards first and upon receipt of the ingredients we carry out extensive quality checks before taking them into our production line.

Our products also undergo different checks during the manufacturing process. We work to the highest quality standards of FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) for animal feed, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and IFS (International Food Standard). This guarantees the full traceability of the nature and origin of the raw materials used and samples of the used materials and produced feeds are kept in accordance with legal regulations.

At Versele-Laga we also believe that quality always pays off and we always make everyone in the company aware of that. Not only the product’s quality is important, we continue to strive for the best in everything we do.