Cavalor Dry Feet

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An easy to use, highly effective spray to keep the sole dry and avoid thrush.

Extended information

Indication for use

In case of very weak soles and frogs: apply twice daily for 5 days. As maintenance: apply twice weekly.


Packaging: bottle of 250 ml/8.5 fl. oz.


What does Cavalor Dry Feet do?
Cavalor Dry Feet dries the frog and kills the bacteria in the frog that cause thrush.
Can I use Cavalor Dry Feet on the hoof for any situation?
It is not advised to apply Cavalor Dry Feet on dry soles. When the hooves become too dry, they may become hard, brittle and susceptible to cracks. It is important to keep the horse's hooves dry, but a moisture balance of the foot should be maintained.

Additional Information & Education

CAVALOR® DRY FEET  -    Premium Line

To keep the hoof sole and frog dry

Indication for use

Moisture and dirt can cause the frog of the hoof to become soft and result in thrush. Cavalor Dry Feet works quickly and effectively.


Contains substances that disinfect and dry the frog of the hoof.

Application and dosage

Use Cavalor Dry Feet preventively to keep the hoof sole and frog dry (2 times a week), or use Cavalor Dry Feet to treat thrush (1 to 2 times daily for a period of 4 to 5 days).


Bottle of 250ml/ 8,5 fl. oz.



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