Cavalor Probreed Mix

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High-protein mixture that supports the development and balanced growth of foals and keeps mares in good condition. Pregnant and lactating mares, foals < 1 year

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Indication for use

Always give Probreed in addition to sufficient hay and straw. Daily amount per animal: gestation - 0.8 to 1.2 kg per 100 kg live body weight, lactation (feed for the mare) - 1.4 to 1.8 kg per 100 kg live body weight, foals (between the 6th and the 12th month) - 2 to 3 kg.


20 kg bag and 500 kg XL-Box


Do I need to feed my mare in foal something extra?
Switch to the Probreed mare mix during the last three months of pregnancy. Prior to that, the normal ration adequately meets the mare's requirements. Probreed contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for the foal to properly develop. Probreed is a complete feed, which does not to be topped with any supplements.
What age should I start my foal on Start & Go, and how long should I continue after weaning?
Start & Go can be fed as early as of 6 weeks of age. The easiest way is to start the foal on a small amount of Start & Go mixed with Probreed, allowing the foal to eat by its mother's side. After that, simply feed it in a separate crib where the mare cannot reach it with her mouth. Combined with Probreed, Start & Go can be fed up to 2 months past weaning. After that, simply continue on full rations of Probreed.
What is the best way to feed Start & Go?
Start & Go is best mixed with Probreed, which allows the foal to get used to the taste and the hardness of the pellets. As soon as the foal can properly chew and absorb the pellets, switch to feeding only Start & Go poured into a small crib so the foal can feed at will. Make sure, however, that the crib never contains any old or leftover feed, which could acidify.
What is the best time to start a mare on Probreed?
About 3 months prior to foaling, you can start the mare on Probreed, as this is the time when the foal gains the greatest amount of weight. The mare's requirements around this time are much higher than when she was first carrying. Not only does she need to help the foal grow and develop, but she also has to keep her own strength up, priming herself for giving birth and for nursing.
For how long can I feed my mare Probreed?
As a rule, broodmares used strictly for breeding purposes have a very high requirement in terms of high-grade feed. Factors such as nursing a foal, being in foal again shortly after giving birth and keeping herself in condition place higher demands on the quality of the feed for these mares. Probreed is perfectly formulated to cater to these requirements, guaranteeing that both mare and foal remain in prime condition.
Why should I specifically use Probreed for my mare? Could I not get the same result with a different feed?
Probreed sets itself apart from other feeds by the type of protein it contains, which is beneficial to the growth and development of the foal. The right type of amino acids that stimulate proper growth and development are included in this feed in the correct proportions. Because of the combination of the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, Probreed enables breeders to maintain both mare and foal in peak condition by feeding a comparatively smaller amount.
Can I feed my weaned foals Juniorix?
The best thing to do is to feed weaned foals Probreed, as weaning usually occurs around the age of 4 to 6 months or slightly older. During this time, the animal has a high need for proteins that are easily absorbable, which Probreed provides.
Can I feed a horse that is too thin Superforce?
Superforce is not the appropriate feed to make a horse gain weight. The right mix for this is a combination of Probreed and Top Action, because of the proper proportion of amino acids the two contain.
When my horse has lost weight (due to illness, for example), how can I get him back to his ideal weight as quickly as possible?
When a horse has lost too much weight but has been given a clean bill of health by the vet, it can be restored to its former weight on a diet of Probreed and Top-Action and unlimited amounts of forage in just a few weeks' time. As soon as the horse is back to its normal weight, simply revert to its original ration.


Eron Dampier, Dampier Quarter Horses

Last year you came to my farm in As, Belgium, and took the time to get my feeding program for my breeding stock on the right track. My first foals have arrived and I just wanted to send you a picture of the results of following your Cavalor® feeding program. This Quarter Horse filly is 2 days old. My foals have never been as good as this year. This filly will go to the German Quarter Horse foal inspection in September. I will keep her on your feeding program and will let you know what she does in September.

A huge THANK YOU!!

Eron Dampier, Dampier Quarter Horses






Suzanna Hayward – Cavalor is the best feed that is available for my horses!

We've got a mail from a very enthusiastic Cavalor customer, Suzanna Hayward, who has a small breeding stud of Spanish Arabian horses in Northern France.

"I've been using Cavalor feed for over 5 years now, I'm always satisfied with the quality and so are my horses! My stallion Amoroso de Salvadora competes in jumping, dressage, showing and endurance. He gets Cavalor Strucomix while he's on rest and Cavalor Perfomix while working. He always looks fantastic and has a beautiful shiny coat. Amoroso will be competing at the World Championships in Paris in November in the senior stallion class. He will surely be the oldest horse to participate at nearly 18 years old, but he certainly doesn't look or act his age!

My broodmares are getting Cavalor ProBreed. Whilst in foal and lactating, the mares stay in great condition and the foals grow at a steady rate.

I really like the products of Cavalor, not only do the horses find them very palatable, they are already enriched with the right supplements needed for each discipline and give a fantastic and consistent quality. Cavalor is the best feed that is available for my horses and has the best range of options for all types of horses and all disciplines!"

Additional Information & Education

Cavalor Nutri-Mobility concept for strong bones and flexible joints

The skeleton of an unborn foal must be able to develop properly throughout a mare's pregnancy. Cavalor Nutri-Mobility helps to support good and strong bone development. An optimal calcium/phosphorus/magnesium ratio for good bone growth, supplemented by organically absorbable trace elements - copper, zincand manganese - ensure good development of the musculoskeletal system, i.e.bones, joints and tendons.

Cavalor Nutri-Balance: feed composition for stable growth and a good condition

A good functioning of a mare's metabolism - to get enough building blocks and energy from the nutrients - is important during pregnancy and lactation, so that the mare stays fit and the foal can grow well. The Cavalor Nutri-Balance concept is a balanced combination of proteins, minerals and vitamins (building blocks) and fats and carbohydrates (energy providers). In particular, the digestibility of the nutrients (e.g. puffed and flaked cereals) is essential to prevent uncontrolled growth spurts and/or interruptions in growth.

Cavalor Nutri-Protect concept to support the development of a healthy intestinal function and natural resistance

A good development of the digestive system and in particular the intestinal flora are very important for the health of the foal and its future life. It helps to protect against intestinal problems and pathogens. Cavalor Nutri-Protect provides the right combination of active yeasts (probiotics) with easily fermentable fibres, including prebiotic fibres, that support the development of a healthy intestinal function and support natural immunity (resistance).