Cavalor Start & Go Soft

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Nutritious, tasty and easily digestible soft chunks perfect to teach foals to eat concentrated feeds and prevent growth stops. For foals that are being weaned - at least 1 month before until at least 1 month after weaning

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Indication for use

Feed per 100kg/ 220lb minimum 75g/ 0,2lb and maximum 400g/ 0,9lb


15 kg bag


What age should I start my foal on Start & Go, and how long should I continue after weaning?
Start & Go can be fed as early as of 6 weeks of age. The easiest way is to start the foal on a small amount of Start & Go mixed with Probreed, allowing the foal to eat by its mother's side. After that, simply feed it in a separate crib where the mare cannot reach it with her mouth. Combined with Probreed, Start & Go can be fed up to 2 months past weaning. After that, simply continue on full rations of Probreed.
What is the best way to feed Start & Go?
Start & Go is best mixed with Probreed, which allows the foal to get used to the taste and the hardness of the pellets. As soon as the foal can properly chew and absorb the pellets, switch to feeding only Start & Go poured into a small crib so the foal can feed at will. Make sure, however, that the crib never contains any old or leftover feed, which could acidify.

Additional Information & Education

Cavalor Start & Go Soft Chunks to easily eat concentrated feeds independently

The weaning phase is a stressful period for both mares and foals. The transition from breast milk to a ration of roughage and concentrated feeds is a big step. Cavalor Start & Go Soft Chunks are nutritious and soft chunks that are easily absorbed and digested because of their texture. Because of their high milk powder content, they are very tasty and because of the treatment with heat (extrusion), they are very easy to digest.

Cavalor Nutri-Balance, feed composition for stable growth

Growth requires a lot of energy and nutrients. In addition to the soft chunks that make eating independently easy, the Cavalor Nutri-Balance concept also applies to Start & Go Soft Chunks. So not only a balanced combination of proteins, vitamins and minerals (building blocks) on the one hand, and fats and carbohydrates (energy providers) on the other hand, but also the quality, digestibility and mutual ratios are crucial to prevent growth interruptions.

Cavalor Nutri-Mobility concept for strong bones and flexible joints

Start & Go Soft Chunks contains the Cavalor Nutri-Mobility Mix: an optimal calcium/ phosphorus/magnesium ratio supports strong bone growth, supplemented by organically absorbable trace elements - copper, zinc and manganese - contribute to a good development of the musculoskeletal system, i.e. bones, joints and tendons.