Karin Donckers

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Karin was born in Hoogstraten, Belgium in 1971. At the age of 9, she starts riding her first pony and joins the local pony club, LRV Sint Clemens Minderhout. 6 years later she starts competing in dressage, jumping and eventing. In 1988, Karin finished 16th as a junior at the European Eventing Championships in Dijon. In 1990, Karin finished 11th as a young rider at the European Eventing Championships in Rotherfield Park.

In 1992, Karin finished 3rd individual at the CCI*** in Saumur with her BWP-horse Britt. The Belgian team won this competition and got their qualification for the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Karin's 1st Olympic Games in Bercelona (1992) ended with a 4th place for the Belgian team and an 8th place individual with her horse Britt. After the Olympics in Barcelona, Karin followed an extensive training program and graduated with Trainer A diploma on the Flemish Trainer School in three disciplines of equestrian sports (dressage, jumping and eventing).

The preparations for the Olympic Games in 2000 went smoothly until a fire broke out in the stables. Most horses were brought to safety, but three top horses (Better Times, Duc des Guillons, Glenn-Doc) found their death on a nearby highway. Better Times was selected for the Sydney Olympic Games. 2000, September: Karin fought back. Oekie, Gormley and Dances With Wolves were trained for Sydney and it was Gormley who went with Karin to the Olympics. However, Gormley crashed during the steeple chase phase and Karin broke her back.
Since the serious setbacks in 2000, Karin and her team worked hard to reach the top of the eventing world. The infrastructure and training facilities were expanded. With the help of some horse owners and sponsors, the number and quality of the horses increased.

At the European Championships in Puchestown (IRL) in 2003, Karin placed 6th individually with Gormley and took the bronze medal home with the Belgian team.The first time Karin competed in a CCI4* with Lamicell Chumbawumba was in 2004, in Badminton.At her 3rd Olympics, in Athens 2004, she finished 16th individual with Gormley and 7th with the Belgian team.In 2005 she ended 4th individual with Gormley and 6th place with the Belgian team at the European Championships in Blenheim (GBR). At the Aachen World Equestrian Games in 2006, Karin finished 13th individual with Gazelle de la Brasserie.

Other results until today:
In 2008 at Hong Kong - the Beijing Olympic Games: Her 4th Olympics, with Gazelle de la Brasserie, she finished 9th individual.

2010, Lexington Kentucky (USA): Karin finished 4th individual at the World Equestrian Games with Gazelle de la Brasserie and 6th with the Belgian team.
2010, Pau: In the CCI4*, Karin finished 3th with Lamicell Charizard. Until now, this is her best result in a CCI4* eventing competition.

2012, London: Her 5th Olympics, Karin finished 15th on her 18 year old Gazelle de la Brasserie.

2012, Le Pin au Haras (FRA): Karin participated with 3 horses in the CIC3*-W, Lamicell Charizard (3rd place), Lamicell Unique (8th place) and Extebaria van 't Verahof (9th place).

2012: Karin finished 2nd in the final World Cup 2012 ranking.

2013: Karin won the Belgian Championships for the 7th time (1998, 2001, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2013) with a new upcoming talent Fletcha van ‘t Verahof.

2014: Karin won the Belgian Championships for the 8th time!