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    What you should know about horses and sugar

    All horses need sugar for general good health and performance. Sugar delivers energy that the muscles need to work properly. No sugar, no performance. For healthy horses, normal quantities of sugar present no problem. However, too much sugar is not good for anyone. Balance is key. In this blog article we'll discuss this topic in detail.

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  • Testimonial

    Cavalor Emergency 911
    Cavalor Emergency 911 - Ludo Philippaerts

    The CAVALOR Emergency 911 is a product that we always have with us when we travel with our horses. A long journey can affect the horses, and if they don't feel well at arrival we always give them the CAVALOR Emergency 911. The product lives up to its name as it works instantly when given in the horse's mouth; in 80 % of the cases the horses feel better in ten minutes. And if they don't get better after ten minutes with the CAVALOR Emergency 911, then you also know that you are dealing with something serious and should call the vet.

    - Ludo Philippaerts, International Showjumper


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    Regulating your Horse's Energy

    Working with horses is all about energy. The right energy to navigate the course or perform the test. However, energy can also be a stumbling block. Your horse may be too lethargic, be too "fizzy" at the beginning of training, or not have enough energy to make it through to the end. All these scenarios have one common thread: an imbalance in energy. In this issue of Science Sunday, our experts will discuss and explain this problem! What is energy? How does one discern between energy, temperament, and condition? What role do diet and nutrition play? And, last of all, how to pep up a lethargic horse, and calm a fizzy one? Move up or down a gear!

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