Cavalor Wholegain

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ENERGY RICH FEED CONCENTRATE THAT ENHANCES OVERALL CONDITION - Cavalor® WholeGain is an energy-rich feed concentrate for horses need¬ing to gain weight. It is mainly used to increase physical condition in underweight horses, prior to competition or to maintain optimal condition of sale horses. Extensive scientific research has shown that the addition of specific fatty acids to the daily feed ration, such as balanced omegas, produces extraordinary results. This leads to an overall improvement in condition and greater staying power (due to a “glyco-sparing effect”), a shiny coat, better feed conversion (more energy from fewer pounds of feed), reduced muscle stiffness and liver or digestive problems.

Extended information

Indication for use

1. TO ADD WEIGHT : Top dress 0,5 to max 1 kg on your normal feeding program. 2. FOR A SHINY COAT: Top dress 0,5 kg on your normal feeding program. 3. AS A RATION BALANCER: change 2 kg from your normal ration, by 1 kg of Cavalor WholeGain.


Packaging: bag of 20 kg/ 44lb

Technical Sheet


Con questo tipo di energia, il cavallo sarà piu’ agitato?
No. Ha dato dimostrazione di essere altamente efficace nei cavalli da dressage. Fornisce energia senza influenzare il carattere. Si è spesso osservato, anzi, una minore eccitabilità a fronte di maggiore energia.
Will my horse put on more weight due to the addition of fat to its daily ration?
When Cavalor WholeGain is used according to directions, the amount of energy administred of the total ration will remain similar. However, the energy is now supplied in a more condensed form. Further, the type of energy provided by Cavalor WholeGain may be beneficial for horses that perform long-duration-low-intensity exercises (endurance). It may also favor the horse's thermoregulation. The rice bran in the formula may contribute to weight gain. Will my horse get more excitable with this kind of energy ? No. This product has repeateadly proven to be very effective for dressage horses. It provides the energy without temper increases. In general, the high energy density of fat may, under certain circumstances, be beneficial as less bulky feed is required to the horse with its energy. It has also been indirectly observed that some horses may experience some behaviour changes (less excitable). If behavioral changes are observed, an increased fat content may be considered to help reduce the risk of the horse becoming too hot (e.g. thoroughbred horses).
Wanneer moet ik Cavalor Oilmega gebruiken en wanneer Cavalor Wholegain?
Cavalor Oilmega is een olie die de darmgezondheid sterk ondersteunt. Op deze manier wordt het paard gezond van binnenuit en wordt de weerstand versterkt. Zeker in geval van verminderde immuniteit of wanneer de paarden wisselen van vacht kan Cavalor Oilmega een extra ondersteuning bieden. Ideaal voor paarden die reeds correct gevoederd worden maar toch nog iets extra kunnen gebruiken om er top uit te zien en zich ook zo te voelen. Cavalor Wholegain brengt de paarden niet alleen op gewicht maar zorgt er ook voor dat ze prachtig blinken in hun vel en mooi rond staan, wat ideaal is voor showpaarden of paarden die klaargestoomd worden voor een keuring of voor de verkoop. Cavalor Wholegain kan op twee manieren ingezet worden. Voor paarden die gewicht moeten aanmaken geef je Cavalor Wholegain bovenop je gebruikelijke krachtvoer. Voor paarden die niet moeten verdikken maar wel extra energie nodig hebben zonder explosief te worden vervang je een deel van het krachtvoer door Cavalor Wholegain. Het hoge gehalte aan vitamines en mineralen in Cavalor Wholegain voorkomt tekorten bij het weglaten van een deel van het krachtvoeder.


Cavalor WholeGain


So people who know me, know that I am my own worst customer when it comes to trying new things, I certainly don't want someone else telling me anything about my horses or what I could do better. When I first started feeding Cavalor 5 or so years ago I brought horses in every morning expecting my miracle and wondering why it was taking so long to see change, well that theory is like watching grass grown, better to trust that it's growing and check on weekly, not daily! This has come in handy for me when I meet opposition in regards to Cavalor in the horse world.

Cavalor Whole Gain... So why do i need a fat supplement when I am already feeding Cavalor, my horses get Hepato liq twice a year, Muscle Force twice a year, they are wormed properly and I don't want to add one more thing to my feed room.  With much hesitation I try it on two horses, one is a 17.2 hand TB that I am trying to make the next love of my life and another is polo TB mare that we think we can sell for 100K but she is a tough keeper, even with all of my Cavalor tricks. Two weeks later I am still feeding 1 Cavalor scoop/day of Whole Gain, kind of grumbling at it because I am not seeing the results I had hoped. Being the die hard Cavalor customer that I am, I bought a few more bags and kept going.  Well, day 16 I brought the horses in and holy cow, did their necks look amazing, full and muscular. They looked pretty good before and now their withers are bulky, and I thought....there it is, that's why we need Cavalor WholeGain. I am currently feeding 24 TB's and one mini and 5 of them are getting Cavalor WholeGain, I almost think it works better then Cavalor Muscle Force in TB's. I am still waiting to see their butt's fill out a bit more but TB's are tricky and slow to make bodily changes in terms of weight gain, they lose weight in about 10 seconds.


My point here is that as usual, Cavalor has come out with a superior product and because Cavalor is high end, people expect immediate results and miracles, this test just reminded me that it doesn't matter how much a product costs or how much resistance is met, when people have patience and trust in a company it usually works out for their benefit.

Libby Cifuni - KY, USA


Additional Information & Education


The easiest way to improve a horse's body condition, coat quality, and overall appearance is to add healthy fat to the diet. WholeGain is 20.5% fat safely adding weight without excess energy. Fat is a safer solution for weight gain since it does not cause undue systemic stress, such as kid­ney issues seen with protein-based feeds or muscle and gastrointestinal problems correlated to high starch rations. High fat diets have also been shown to decrease heat stress and improve endurance in equine athletes.


High amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids improve immune sys­tem function and protect against the effects of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and chronic skin issues. The ome­ga 3-containing oils used counter the modern, pro-inflamma­tory diet commonly fed to the average horse.


A healthy gut is critical to the success of any nutritional pro­gram. Living microbes, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and puffed grains are added to improve digestion and increase gut resilience to changing environments and diets. Shelf-sta­ble Yea-Sacc 1026TM is incorporated to ensure the live cul­tures added into the feed are active when they reach your horse.