Cavalor Bronchix Pure

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Miscela di erbe che ripulisce il tratto polmonare, Cavalor Bronchix Pure supporta le vie respiratorie e ne aumenta la naturale resistenza.

Extended information

Indication for use

50 gr. al giorno per 40 giorni. Massimo 120 gr. al giorno.


Confezione : secchiello da 1 kg.


Qual’è la differenza tra Cavalor Bronchix Chronic, Cavalor Bronchix Liquid e Cavalor Bronchix Pure?
Cavalor Bronchix Liquid apre le vie respiratorie superiori aiutando la respirazione specialmente in caso di tosse dovuta a irritazione.Cavalor Bronchix Chronic è stato studiato per curare tossi che persistono per lunghi periodi. CavalorBronchix Pure combina gli effetti benefici di entrambi i prodotti.
How does Cavalor Bronchix Pure work?
Cavalor Bronchix Pure improves overall immunity and works on two different levels to provide relief: 1) Targets the upper respiratory tract. 2) Targets the lower respiratory tract (lungs).
Cavalor Bronchix Pure aiuta cavalli allergici alle polveri ?
Si, da’ sollievo a cavalli che vivono in ambienti polverosi ed asciutti.
Posso utilizzare Cavalor Bronchix Pure a cavalli con COPD (broncopneumopatia cronico ostruttiva) ?
Si, si può ma dipende dalla gravità della situazione.
Could I use this on my COPD horse?
Yes, depending on the severity of the horse's condition.


Cathy Schaefer

My Trakehner gelding came home from training with a pretty bad cough and nasal infection. Vet recommended a double dose of Uniprim for seven days, which I did, but it still did not knock the cough.
Tried Cavalor® Hepato Liq next and Cavalor® Bronchix Pure which really did work on the cough. His cough is gone and his eyes are clear and bright. He feels so much better! I'm really impressed with the products so far.
I will try one of the Cavalor muscle supplements once we are done with the Cavalor® Bronchix Pure.

Cathy Schaefer
Customer in California, United States



Heather Gillete, Trainer, Eventing Professional

"Cavalor is a wonderful company to be associated with. Cavalor feeds and supplements are superior and keep my horses in top form. Their coats are always shiny, weight and muscle perfectly proportioned, and nutritional needs met on many levels. Their customer service is amazing as well. They are always there to answer any of my questions and concerns and take great pride in their products. My horses look and feel great! Thanks Cavalor!"

-Heather Gillete, Trainer, Eventing Professional


Additional Information & Education

CAVALOR® BRONCHIX PURE -  Professional Line
Nutritional approach for horses with irritations of the bronchia and pulmonary problems


Indication for use 

Irritation of the bronchia and pulmonary problems can be caused by different factors.

These problems can have a very negative influence on the condition and the vitality of the horse. It is very important to solve these problems profoundly.

Cavalor Bronchix Pure sooths and clears the respiratory tract.

Cavalor Bronchix Pure supports the respiratory tract and increases the natural resistance.


50 g/ day during 40 days
 1 measuring scoop = 10 g/ 0.35 oz

Storage & Packaging
Pail of 2 kg

Use until 1,5 years after production date.

Keep dry and at temperatures from 5°C till 25°C in normal storage hangars.