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Cavalor SwItch è stato appositamente studiato per cavalli sensibili alle irritazioni della cute e/o a pruriti dovuti alle condizioni

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Indication for use

climatiche o alle punture di insetto. Per alleviare le irritazioni e la sensazione di prurito usare SwItch da 2 a 7 volte alla settimana


Confezione : flacone da 500 ml.


Cosa causa l’eczema estivo ?
E’ il risultato di una reazione allergica alla saliva di un particolare tipo di mosca. Questo moschino è particolarmente attivo all’ alba ed al tramonto, durante le stagioni calde. Cavalor Sw-Itch tiene lontano i moschini e le morsicature sotto controllo.
Con quale frequenza devo applicare Cavalor SwItch ?
Dipende dalla quantità di morsicature e dalla situazione ambientale. Il dosaggio può anche variare da un cavallo all’ altro. Si raccomanda di incominciare somministrando Cavalor SwItch due volte al giorno (mattina e sera). Diminuire gradatamente in base alle necessità del cavallo. Una volta guarito il cavallo, Cavalor SwItch puo’ essere usato una volta alla settimana a titolo preventivo.


Mark Wentein - Sw-Itch

As a longtime owner of horse-drawn carriages in Bruges, Belgium, my team and I have many years of experience driving and caring for our horses. Carriage horses must remain reliable and calm in traffic, and we keep good, experienced horses for years. These horses work in harness several hours each day. In the summer, some of them develop skin conditions such as eczema. To get relief from the itching they rub, especially in the mane and ear regions, as well as where the tail strap is attached. For several years our solution has been Cavalor® Sw-Itch. We have used this product with great satisfaction and combine it with other treatment measures. It is easy to apply and gives clear, positive results.

Mark Wentein

Additional Information & Education

Cavalor SwItch

Product presentation

CAVALOR SwItch has been specially developed for horses that are sensitive to seasonally recurring skin irritations, also known as summer eczema. Summer eczema is the result of an allergic reaction to the saliva of a mosquito, which is primarily active around sunrise and sunset during the warmer months (from March until October). This reaction causes an itch that does not stop and results in chafing. Not all horses are allergic to this mosquito³, which is why reactions vary from horse to horse.

Breeds such as Icelanders, Shire, Welsh ponies and Frisians appear to be more sensitive to the allergy, and some bloodlines also show a higher susceptibility than others, which is to say that an allergic reaction is genetically determined. Feed adjustments can also influence the reactions. Limiting the amount of protein and increasing the administration of Omega 3 fatty acids have a positive influence. For this we highly recommend Wholegain.

A miracle injection against this allergy does not exist, so preventing contact with this mosquito is the message. Cavalor SwItch keeps this evildoer at a distance, and you can keep the itch under control, so that your horse will not be plagued by an incessant itch.



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