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Cavalor OilMega è composto da una miscela bilanciata di specifici acidi grassi e NAB. Ricerche scientifiche evidenziano che i NAB hanno un impatto positivo sulla salute della flora intestinale favorendo l' eliminazione dei batteri patogeni. Cavalor OilMega è ricco di acidi grassi omega-3 e omega-6 e contiene un alto dosaggio di vitamina E

Extended information

Indication for use

Somministrare Cavalor OilMega per almeno 30 giorni (meglio 60 giorni). Può essere usato tutti i giorni.


Versare 50 ml al giorno sul mangime. Confezioni: Flacone da 2 litri - tanica da 10 lt (1 pompata = 25 ml)


Cosa distingue Cavalor OilMega dagli altri olii?
Le diverse fonti utilizzate di olii vegetali contengono piu’ acidi grassi omega 3 che omega 6 e viceversa.Cavalor OilMega è composto da una miscela di diversi olii vegetali in modo tale da bilanciare l’ apporto di acidi grassi. In questa speciale miscellanea di olii, Cavalor OilMega contiene ingredienti brevettati quali i NAB (Natural Antibiotics). I NAB sono conosciuti per le loro attività antimicrobiche. Questi hanno effetto sull’ intestino crasso, riducendo i microrganismi patogeni. Cavalli con problemi muscolari possono avere benefici effetti con l’uso combinato di Muscle FIT e Cavalor OilMega. Intervenendo sugli acidi grassi si possono ottenere ottimi risultati in merito al sistema immunitario, al pelo, e alla qualità spermatica negli stalloni.
Cavalor OilMega puo’ sostituire prodotti come Resist+vit. C o Cavalor Muscle FIT?
No, sono prodotti che agiscono a livelli differenti. Cavalor OilMega fornisce energia e influenza le difese immunitarie tramite gli acidi grassi. I NAB aiutano la microflora a combattere contro gli agenti patogeni. Cavalor Resist + Vit. C fornisce i nutrienti necessari per incrementare gli antiossidanti e migliorare lo stato immunitario, in modo da aiutare il cavallo a proteggersi da fattori ambientali che possono essre negativi per la salute (es. trasporti lunghi). Cavalor Muscle Fit fornisce nutrienti che supportano la salute muscolare e prevengono l’ affaticamento muscolare. Cavalli con problemi muscolari possono beneficiare dell’ utilizzo combinato di Muscle Fit e Cavalor OilMega.
Si possono dare simultaneamenteCavalor Vitaflor 365 e Cavalor OilMega?
Certo, gli ingredienti dei due prodotti agiscono a livelli differenti. Cavalor OilMega fornisce specifici acidi grassi che migliorano la salute generale del cavallo. I NAB hanno un effetto positivo sulla flora intestinale eliminando i batteri patogeni. Come risultato, si ha una migliore digestione e aumentano le difese immunitarie. Cavalor Vitaflor 365 è una combinazione di pro e prebiotici che stimola la funzionalità della microflora intestinale.
Wanneer moet ik Cavalor Oilmega gebruiken en wanneer Cavalor Wholegain?
Cavalor Oilmega is een olie die de darmgezondheid sterk ondersteunt. Op deze manier wordt het paard gezond van binnenuit en wordt de weerstand versterkt. Zeker in geval van verminderde immuniteit of wanneer de paarden wisselen van vacht kan Cavalor Oilmega een extra ondersteuning bieden. Ideaal voor paarden die reeds correct gevoederd worden maar toch nog iets extra kunnen gebruiken om er top uit te zien en zich ook zo te voelen. Cavalor Wholegain brengt de paarden niet alleen op gewicht maar zorgt er ook voor dat ze prachtig blinken in hun vel en mooi rond staan, wat ideaal is voor showpaarden of paarden die klaargestoomd worden voor een keuring of voor de verkoop. Cavalor Wholegain kan op twee manieren ingezet worden. Voor paarden die gewicht moeten aanmaken geef je Cavalor Wholegain bovenop je gebruikelijke krachtvoer. Voor paarden die niet moeten verdikken maar wel extra energie nodig hebben zonder explosief te worden vervang je een deel van het krachtvoer door Cavalor Wholegain. Het hoge gehalte aan vitamines en mineralen in Cavalor Wholegain voorkomt tekorten bij het weglaten van een deel van het krachtvoeder.


Barbara Minneci, member of the Belgian Paralympic Team, 2012 Olympic Games

"By providing optimal nutritional advice for four team horses, Cavalor gave Belgian riders a great opportunity to maximize our preparations for the Paralympic Games.
First I was asked for detailed information about my mare, Barilla, including her current diet and any specific problems she was having. Cavalor also asked me to get a blood test so they could make a complete assessment and optimally adapt my horse's diet.
My mare has a large muscle mass and metabolism issues that make her very sensitive to a diet too rich in sugars and proteins. If her diet is lacking nutrients, especially during periods of intensive training or performance, muscle problems can rapidly result. Therefore it is important to find other sources of energy in her diet.
Cavalor advised me to supplement Barilla's diet with Cavalor® Oilmega and Cavalor® MuscleFit.

Cavalor® Oilmega increased the fat content of the diet. As a result, I quickly found that my mare developed improved endurance without becoming more nervous.
After only a few days of using Cavalor® MuscleFit, Barilla became more flexible in the muscles and showed no stiffness, even after an extended workout.
Cavalor didn't only provide advice but also gave me everything I needed for my horse to be in top condition for the Games!
Upon arrival in London, Barilla showed excellent recovery after exercise, which enabled her to stay in great shape throughout the Games.
The vet was very alert for any sign of muscular discomfort, but my mare remained flexible in her body, supple in her gaits and had an excellent mood throughout the Games ;-)
Cavalor's contribution to the fitness of our horses was proven by the results the Belgian team achieved in London! "


Is your horse too thin? Are you at your wits’ end? Read the success story of Julie De Pelsmaeker and Whippersnapper here

The De Pelsmaeker family, proud owners of Whippersnapper, were at their wits’ end. Their horse was very thin and they had already tried everything. After consultation with the Veterinary Clinic De Bosdreef, it appeared that Whippersnapper was glucose intolerant, and they could not get it under control.

After contacting Cavalor, a ration of the new Cavalor® FiberForce feed was proposed. Cavalor® FiberForce has the lowest sugar and starch content of all of the commercialized feed mixtures on the market. After 6 weeks, the ration was adjusted to ½ Cavalor® FiberForce and ½ Cavalor®  Strucomix Senior. This was supplemented with a course of Cavalor® Digest to regularize the intestinal flora and Cavalor®  OilMega to support the animal’s general health.

Four months after the family had given up hope, things are going extremely well with Whippersnapper. So well, in fact, that he is in top form and won the 1.35 m for juniors at CSIJ Lommel [Belgian show jumping event] at the beginning of May!

Congratulations to the owner and also thanks especially to De Bosdreef Veterinary Clinic! If you have a horse with a problem that leaves you in despair, you can always turn to Cavalor for nutritional advice. Contact us at or go to



Carole Schepens

In function of the cooperation between Cavalor and the VLP within the context of the VLP Talent plan, I have received detailed advice from Cavalor for my horse Velvet Dream. Cavalor analyzed my hay and horse's blood work. Their nutritionist advised me to feed Cavalor® Endurix and Cavalor® Strucomix. He also recommended to administer a treatment of Cavalor® Hepato Liq & Cavalor® Resist, and to use Cavalor® Oilmega. During competition I always use Cavalor® An Energy Boost. I am definitely pleased by the result of the Cavalor products. My horse has positively evolved and is completely ready for the upcoming competition season. I would sincerely recommend everyone to pay more attention to the feed of sport horses and to entrust the Cavalor R & D specialists for the nutrition of sport horses and of every top horse. Nutrition has such a big influence on the performance of your horse.

Carole Schepens



Tamara Bekkevold: I am extremely pleased with the outcome of Cavalor products !

Tamara mailed us pictures of her horse before and after she gave him Cavalor Senior Strucomix. In August, her horse was too thin so she started giving Floyd Senior Strucomix. Barely a few months later, she had a beautiful, muscled horse in top condition. 

"Enclosed are 3 pictures of my horse Floyd.

The first one is from last August and the other two are from April this year. Quite a change right?

I have been feeding him with aprox. 6,61 kg a day with the Senior Strucomix and in between I have given him Muscle Force, Oilmega and Arti Base.

I must say I am EXTREMELY pleased with the outcome of the Cavalor products"

Alice Naber – My horses look fit and in tip-top condition. Thanks, Cavalor!

The 4 Stars of Pau cross took place recently. The event was a must for our Cavalor Ambassador Alice Naber and her two horses, Coral Estate Harry Belafonte and Coral Estate Curacao. She told us about her adventure in Pau with great enthusiasm. ‘Both horses did their very best! Curacao learned a lot and Belafonte breezed through the difficult 4* cross round – and well within time too. How cool was that! And it’s partly thanks to Cavalor. I think their products are great, especially Cavalor OilMega. I’m so impressed with that! I also got some compliments from the team vet. Once again he had nothing to do. Perfect! The combination of OilMega, Muscle Fit and Endurix works a treat. You can see the results in the pictures. My horses look fit and in tip-top condition! Thanks, Cavalor!’

Cavalor feed offers everthing the horses need!

Two riding horses (420 kg and 650 kg, age 16 & 24) were fed a "no name" horse feed and their owner noticed a lack of stamina and a coat shine. Through internet sources the owner learned about Cavalor OilMega and insisted to use it, also against possible use of cheaper "normal" oil sources. By the use of Cavalor Oilmega for almost two months the two horses got more energetic, but still easy to handle, they got a nice shiny coat and probably also higher quality of hoofs, which was obvious later, when shoeing could be done in 1-2 weeks longer time spans. The owner later switched to feed it's horses Cavalor Endurix and stopped with Cavalor OilMega as for this reason he did not need the additional nutritional support supplied by Cavalor OilMega because the feed offers everything the horse needs !


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