Cavalor PodoSens

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Therapeutic oil for sensitive hooves

Extended information

Indication for use

Breng Cavalor PodoSens tweemaal daags aan op de kroonrand en/of de zool van de hoef. Blijf herhalen tot de symptomen verdwenen zijn. Tip: In geval van gevoelige hoeven ten gevolge metabole aandoeningen is een totaalaanpak vereist. Het is aangeraden om naast een aangepaste voeding Cavalor PodoSens te combineren met Cavalor LaminAid. Dit is een voedingssupplement dat op verschillende manieren metabolische en hormonale processen in het lichaam terug in balans brengt en de darmflora ondersteunt. Waarschuwing: enkel voor extern gebruik.


500 ml blik met borstel


Dressage Pony Gigolo Ready to Dance

DRESSAGE pony superstar, Gigolo, owned by the Lickley family has been a stalwart of British teams for many years.

Ridden by Izzy Lickley, the talented veteran competed in the Pony Europeans in Denmark in 2016 but started his British team debut aged just six-years-old.

Now 22 and very much enjoying his retirement he has been in fantastic health until a bout of laminitis last summer.

Explains Izzy: "For much of his life, Gigolo has been a picture of health and is such a big part of our family.

"As he's got older he developed cushings which we have managed really well with advice from the vet but last summer when he was looking in great shape he just developed laminitis overnight.

"All was well when we turned him out for a few hours but when we came to bring him in he was crippled and it was really distressing to see.

"He has always been a pony that carries weight easily so we watch his diet closely and make sure he stays in good condition.

"His hooves were understandably really sensitive and we wanted to do everything we could for him.  He is on a low sugar and low starch diet and we added Cavalor LamiNaid to his diet and used Cavalor PodoSens hoof oil.

"It was so great to see him gradually improve and by week seven he was back to full fitness and thankfully has never looked back.

"After so many years giving young riders' great experiences and such fun we just want him to enjoy his retirement in good health."

Cavalor LaminAid is a unique balanced combination of several essential oils. Each oil is charachtarised by a specific structure, composition and effect. They work on various different levels in the body to support metabolism. The oils support the sensitive intestinal flora and bring hormonal and metabolic processes back in to balance. Cavalor LaminAid also supports circulation towards the hoof.

Cavalor LaminAid is used in combination with Cavalor PodoSens.

Cavalor PodoSens is a therapeutic hoof oil. The blend of essential oils helps provide suppport for sensitive hooves and promotes hoof elasticity.


Additional Information & Education

Cavalor PodoSens is een uniek mengsel van essentiële oliën dat bijdraagt aan een snelle verlichting in geval van gevoelige hoeven en de elasticiteit van de hoef bevordert. Bovendien ondersteunt het ook een optimale hoefgroei.