Team Bax

Vanaf nu kan je onze Cavalor-Ambassadors herkennen aan dit unieke Ambassador logo, dat Cavalor speciaal voor hen heeft laten ontwerpen. Het nieuwe logo symboliseert ons wederzijds engagement en behoort exclusief toe aan onze ruiters.

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The story of Team Bax from Meerle (BE) began in 2006. Not so long after their start in carriage driving, they won several international victories and places of honour and in 2009 they got a double victory (individually and team) at the world championship in Greven (DE). Since 2013, they are coached by the Chardon family (NL), all together good for 6 world titles. Ysbrand Chardon raised the result of dressage to an unequalled height (pb: 41.08 pnt in Windsor 2014). Son Bram achieved to quicken Tinne’s hands, which makes that everyone will need to reckon with Team Bax in the marathon. Soon followed best times in the hurdles. As for now, the coaching results in a combination of elegance in dressage and speed in the marathon. Tinne Bax is a genuine horsewoman. She was born with the love for sports and ponies. Together with Jan, she takes care of the entire team to appear in top form at a contest. As a driver, Tinne holds the reins. She has to convert the hard work during trainings into results at a competition. She furnishes wonderful dressage exercises and short hurdle times.

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