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Dietary control of gastric ulcers

Published: 1998-12-31

Andrews, F.M. reviewed by JEVS

Brief content of the article:
Andrews studied the role of dietary factors in the pravalence of gastric ulcers in horses. In an experiment horses were fed a high carbohydrate diet/ high protein diet (alfalfa diet) or a low protein moderate carbohydrate diet. Gatric juice pH, acidity, VFA concentrations and the number and severity of gastric ulcers were measured. The ration high in protein/carbohydrates produced higher stomach VFA, higher pH and lower acidity and less severe gastric ulcers than the low protein moderate carbohydrate diet. It was suggested that alfalfa hay acted as a buffer. The buffering capacity of alfalfa is further discussed.
Keywords: gastric ulcers; Andrews; fatty acids; alfalfa; pH; carbohydrates

Andrews, F.M., Dietary control of gastric ulcers, Proc. 1998 ACVIM Medical Forum, San Diego reviewed by the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, Volume 18, Number 7, 1998, p 450 – 451.

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