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Effects of oral administration of lactulose in healthy horses

Published: 1998-12-31

Scarratt, W.K. and Warnick, L.D.,.

Brief content of the article:
Lactulose was fed to healthy mature horses to describe the benefits and side effects. Lactulose administration has been recommended for the treatment of patients with hepatic encephalopathy in man and dogs. The researchers found lower blood ammonia concentrations after lactulose administration to horses. Fecal pH tended to decrease (n.s). One horse developed signs of laminitis. The authors concluded that lactulose administration is not recommended for horses with hepatic encephalopathy when their is evidence of previous or current laminitis, or is at risk for laminitis.
Keywords: lactulose; hepatic disease; hepatic encephalopathy; Ammonia; laminitis.

Scarratt, W.K. and Warnick, L.D., Effects of oral administration of lactulose in healthy horses, Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, Volume 18, No. 6, 1998, p 405 – 408

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