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Bodyfluids and exercise: replacement strategies (part 2)

Published: 2001-12-31

Kronfeld, D.S.

Brief content of the article:
The second review of Kronfeld (2001) deals with replacement strategies for changes in bodyfluids.Kronfeld (2001) prefers a replacement strategy for electrolyte losses during events which are given in frequent and small doses. A special replacement strategy is discussed for potassium. Kronfeld (2001) suggests that at speeds over 4 m/s potassium should not be supplemented during the event, but only before or after. This to prevent hyperkalemia. The administration of of hypertonic mixtures is also discussed. Kronfeld (2001) concluded that hypertonic mixtures should be regarded for clinically hypohydrated horses.
Keywords: bodyfluids; electrolytes; replacement strategies; potassium; sodium, chloride; exercise; sweat; phosphorus; calcium; magnesium; endurance.

Kronfeld, D.S., Bodyfluids and exercise: replacement strategies (part I), Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, Volume 21, Number 8, 2001.

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