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Comparative aspects of prepartum maturation: Provision of nutrients

Published: 2001-12-31

Fowden, A.L., Ousey, J.C. and A.J. Forhead

Brief content of the article:
A scientific comparative review which discusses (1) prepartum maturational changes essential for nutritional adaptation at birth (2) the glucocortoid dependence of these maturational changes and (3) the consequences of the temporal sequence of prepartum maturation on neonatal viability in different species.
Keywords: maturation; fetus; neonate; gut development; glucocortcoids; cortisol; glucogenic capacity; adrenaline; noradrenaline; insulin; glucagon.

Fowden, A.L., Ousey, J.C. and A.J. Forhead. 2001. Comparative aspects of prepartum maturation, Pferdeheilkunde 17 (6) : page 653-658.

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