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Oxidative stress in equine medicine – Current knowledge

Published: 2002-12-31

Brief content of the article
In this article the authors present the current knowledge on oxidative stress which has become of increasing interest in research and human medicine. Oxidants or reactive oxygen species are generated by metabolic reaction and play an important role for the immune defence and the “redox-regulation”of gene expression. This article discusses the origin and physiological role of oxidants and anti-oxidants and oxidative stress: an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants. Further, topics like diagnosis of oxidative stress (oxidant markers), oxidative stress in equine medicine, exercise-related oxidative stress are discussed. Again, A paper and powerpoint presentation are available in our Equine Congres section. Keywords: oxidative stress; oxidant markers; airway disease; equine motor neuron disease; exercise.

Kirschvink, N. and Lekeux, P. 2002. Oxidative stress in equine medicine – Current knowledge. Pferdeheilkunde 18: 569-573.

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