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Risk factor grass – reality or exaggerated fear (German article)

Published: 2002-12-31

Brief content of the article
The authors discuss the use of carbohydrate sources from grass or hay. Special attention is paid to the role of soluble fibre fraction which is related to the occurence of laminitis particular at the onset of the grazing season. A key position in the pathogenesis is considered to a marked change in the bacterial community in the hindgut and enteral acidosis, mainly in the caecum. Fructanes (polysacherides consisting of fructose) are suggested to be of special interest as these polysacherids induced changes in the bacterial population. As the content of fructanes in (rye) grasses may differ by season and are high in fresh pasture. Therefore, horses should be carefull adapted to fresh, lush pasture to minimize the risk for laminitis.
Keywords: pasture; laminitis; fructenes, carbohydrates

Coenen, M. and Vervuert, I. 2002. Risiko gras - Realität oder übertriebene Befürchtung? Pferdeheilkunde 18: 544- 546.

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