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Antioxidant Status of horses during two 80-km endurance races

Published: 2003-01-31

Brief content of the article
This study evaluated the antioxidative status of (30) horses competing in two endurance races over the same distance but under different ambient conditions. The authors proposed that the antioxidant defenses of endurance horses are severely tested during prolonged and strenuous endurance exercise. They further proposed that the degree of oxidative stress maybe related to muscle leakage and micro trauma, hydration status and animal welfare. Blood samples were collected at various points during the races for determining the effect on several (antioxidant) parameters like packed cell volume, total plasma protein, vit E, erythrocyte glutathione, glutathione peroxidase, vit C, aspartate aminotransferase and creatine kinase. The results of this study were indicative for muscle cell leakage and may reflect oxidative damage. The authors suggest further testing of antioxidant supplements administered before and during a race to improve performance and welfare of endurance horses.
Keywords: antioxidant status; reactive oxygen species; ROS; endurance; exercise.

Hargreaves, B.J., Kronfeld, D.S. Waldron, J.N., Lopes, M.A., Gay, L.S. Saker, K.E. Cooper, W.L. Sklan, D.J. and Harris, P.A. 2002. Antioxidant Status of horses during two 80-km endurance races. J. Nutr. 132: 1781S-1783S

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