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Effect of growth and training on muscle adaptation in thoroughbred horses

Published: 2003-01-31

Brief content of the article
Twenty 2-year-old thoroughbreds were used to study the effect of growth and training on metabolic properties in muscle fibers of the gluteus medius muscle. Horses were randomly assigned to 2 groups. Horses in the training group were trained for 16 weeks, and control horses were kept on pasture without training. Samples of the gluteus medius muscle were obtained by needle biopsy and composition and oxidative enzyme activity [SDH] of each fibre type were determined. The authors concluded that the observed changes in muscle fibres are caused by training and not by growth. The change in SDH activity of type-IIX/B fibers was the most noticeable result. These changes were considered to be appropriate adaptations to running middle distances at high speeds.
Keywords: myosin heavy-chain; succinnic dehydrogenase; muscle composition; phosphofructokinase; exercise.

Yamano, S., Eto, D. Sugiura, T., Kai, M., Hiraga, A. Tokuriki, M. and Miyata, H. 2002. Effect of growth and training on muscle adaptation in thoroughbred horses. Am. J. Vet. res. 63: 1408-1412.

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