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Equine Nutrition research summaries in German

Published: 2003-02-28

German summaries
From the following references a german summary is available in recent Pferdeheilkunde issue. An english summary is already available in this database.

German title: Auswirkung eines Futterentzugs auf Konzentration und Zusammensetzung von Very low density-Lipoproteinen im plasma und unveresterten Fettsäure im Serum beim Pferd
Original title: Effect of withholding feed on concentration and composition of plasma very low density lipoprotein and serum nonesterified fatty acids in horses.
Authors and reference: Frank, N. et al. (2002) Am. J. Vet. Res. 63, 1018-1021

German title: Auswirkungen der oralen Verabreichung von Electrolytpasten auf die Rehydration beim Pferd.
Original title: Effect of oral administration of electrolyte pastes on rehydration of horses
Authors and reference: Schott, H.C. et al. (2002) Am. J. Vet. Res. 63, 19-27