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Equine Hyperlipaemia: a review

Published: 2004-04-15

Equine Hyperlipaemia: a review
Hyperlipaemia is a metabolic condition frequently seen in fat ponies. According to the authors hyperlipaemia is a pathophysiological response to prolonged negative energy balance associated with gross lipaemia, marked hypertriglyceidaemia, fat infiltration of body tissues and organ dysfunction. The review describes the current understanding of epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical findings, diagnosis, pathology, treatment and prevention of equine hyperlipaemia. As nutritional support/management is one of the most important factors in the treatment of hyperlipaemia, dietary management is extensively discused in the article. The figures used to illustrate the pathogenesis of equine hyperlipaemia make the article easy-readable.

Hughes, K.J., Hodgson and Dart A.J. 2004. Equine Hyperlipaemia: a review. Australian Veterinary Journal 82: 136-141

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