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Screening of the equine intestinal microflora for potential probiotic organisms.

Published: 2004-06-30

Brief content of the article
Studies have not demonstrated the beneficial effect of probiotics in horses. These authors suggested that this was possibly because of improper selection of probiotic organisms. Therefor, they designed this study to identify lactic acid bacteria of equine origin with predetermined beneficial properties which might make them useful as therapeutic probiotics. The results indicated that Lactobacillus pentosus WE7 possesses in vitro and in vivo properties that may be useful for the prevention and treatment of enteric disease in horses. Further studies are needed.(Note: A full abstract of this article is available online by pubmed:

Weese J.S., Anderson M.E.., Lowe A., Penno R., da Costa T.M.,. Button L., Goth K.C. 2004. Interactions of substrate availability, exercise performance, and nutrition with muscle glycogen metabolism in horses. Equine Vet J.36:351-5

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