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Weight prediction from linear measures of growing Thoroughbreds.

Published: 2004-06-30

Brief content of the article.
Monitoring weight of foals is a useful management practice to aid in maximising athletic potential while minimising risks associated with deviations from normal growth. This study was designed to develop predictive equations for weight, based on linear measurements of growing Thoroughbreds (TBs). The presented method is abbreviated as the "broken line method". Use of this broken line method is a 2 step process. It was concluded that the broken line maximises its value to equine professionals through its accuracy, precision and convenience. In this article three previous reported weight prediction equations are also presented and tested and subsequently discussed. A full abstract can be obtained from:
Keywords: body weight prediction; foals; broken line; growth rate.

Staniar, W. B., D. S. Kronfeld, R. M. Hoffman, J. A. Wilson, and P. A. Harris. 2004. Weight prediction from linear measures of growing Thoroughbreds. Equine vet. J. 36: 149-154.

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