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Short Equine Nutrition articles (JEVS): (1) MRLS Pasture monitoring program and (2) Laminitis and fructan consumption

Published: 2004-08-30

Brief content of the articles
The first article deals with some outcomes of the mare reproductive loss syndrome (MRLS) Pasture monitoring program of the University of Kentucky. Pastures were sampled during spring and summer of the 2002 and 2003 seasons. Several pasture characteristics were studied during both seasons and it was discussed if the observed values i.e. differences between seasons
could be related to the occurence of MRLS. The Ca/K ratio, levels of cyanide (white clover), ergovaline levels and Nitrates in pasture samples did not point to a relationship with MRLS. The second article written by W.E. Jones (congress report) deals with “Laminitis and Fructan consumption”. Recent studies indicate that grass fructan, a carbohydrate, causes laminites and not dietary amines as been reported earlier. This knowledge opens the door to the possibility of controlling laminitis through improved pasture management by carefull selection of grass species in the pasture! Pasture management was further discussed based on the poster about her study of soaking hay to remove excess soluble carbohydrates.the information provided by the article can more or less be derived from Kathryn’s website

Jones, W.E. 2004. MRLS Pasture monitoring program and (2) Laminitis and fructan consumption. J. Eq. Vet. Sci. 24:254-255.

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